One of the downsides to be a model is that you have to be continuously on call. Your diary can never be set in stone and you have to be ready to work at a moment’s notice.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to rock up and do the job but sometimes there’s a little prep which needs to be done beforehand. Which, when you speak to most models, comes in the form of a ‘photo shoot prep ritual’ and more often than not, follows a similar format to the below – this is how you prepare for a photoshoot.

1. You get the call

Depending on how much notice you’re given, it’ll be a cancel all plans immediately type scenario or perfectly curated plan performed over a few days. Sometimes, if you need to travel long distances aka you get a direct booking from Germany, you’ll have a few days but if you’re to travel locally or domestically, this can be the night before or morning of.

2. Sweat

Whether it be a run, boxing session, sauna sitting or a few ab workouts at home – getting your sweat on will help release toxins and get the oxygen pumping around your body. Meaning your muscles will be showing, skin will be glowing and your mind focused.

3. The Ultimate Shower

Whether you’ve been at the beach, completed some exercise or just finished a job – the ultimate shower is the first step to prep. Washing your hair, shaving your legs, exfoliating all over and cleansing your skin is all a part of this.

4. The Spray Tan

Your agent will let you know if you need to get one of these, specifically more so if you have a swim or lingerie shoot. Finding a last minute booking at a professional salon the better, but if you need too – Bondi Sands is the number one for a home job.

5. Moisturise

Hydration is key to any smooth, subtle looking skin and is extremely important for the make-up artist to do their work the following day. If your body isn’t hydrated enough, you’ll find the make-up doesn’t absorb well onto the skin, leaving it look flaky and dry. Not only this but your fake tan won’t look as natural either.

6. Face Mask and Under Eye Strips

A no brainer following on from the above. You’ve seen the IG posts of models all around the world wearing them either at home, on the plane or on set (mind you with a glass of wine in hand too) but they’re perfect for quick fixes and genuinely work. Each to their own on what brand preference, although Mecca has a great selection to choose from.

7. Lunch prep

All clients are meant to provide food on set and these days they’re pretty good at providing healthy options. But if you know you’re a fussy eater or have specific dietary requirements it’s important to pack your own. This includes snacks; apples, carrot sticks and hummus are easy options for in-between looks with a fresh salad or Buddha bowl a great option for lunch. As even if you choose to eat what’s been provided, you’ll still have something for afterward.

8. Sleep

Getting a full night’s rest is extremely important – it’ll help you look and feel refreshed and ready to go for the day ahead. Will put you in a better mood and it’ll result in a great shoot with amazing imagery you’ll be proud of.