A casting is a part of the pre-production process whereby designers are able to see what the individuals really look like. It helps the team understand the individuals proportions, skin, walk and overall presence without the help of photoshop to determine if they will be a suitable fit for the job ahead.

It’s important to be honest and true to yourself at these appointments, there is no point lying on your comp card either with your height or measurements as they will find out and you will be cut straight away.

Now, you don’t have much time to impress at these so it’s important to put your best foot forward – literally, as they don’t last much longer than 2 minutes. And as much as they want to see you stripped back, they’ll be looking at you head to toe, which means you have to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

wear to a casting
wear to a casting
wear to a casting

Make sure your skin is looking fresh; with none, if any make up on at all. We recommend a tinted moisturiser (we like NARS), a good concealer (we like NARS) and a little mascara (any from here) but that is about it – no heavy eyeshadow, no heavy foundation, nothing distracting. You don’t want to appear to be hiding something. They will want to see your features. So the day before try and book in for a facial at your local spa, this will help fight any unwanted blemishes.

Plain nail polish and well kept eyebrows are also a must. It shows you look after yourself, are committed and understand your job. A soft shade of pink or neutral colour is considered routine. Natural hair is also a requirement, no curling, straightening or up-styling; either keep it out or up in an easy pony tail.  Try the hair plopping technique – Plopping helps you take care of your curls without an arsenal of straighteners, curling irons, and other hair styling products. Plus, your locks are saved from all the product build-up!

When it comes to your clothes, nothing over the top. We all know the ‘model off duty’ look, so best to stick to it. Most models have one outfit they wear as a uniform, something simple and classic but shows them off in all the right places. This could look like a pair of skinny leg jeans to show your legs off, a crop top (Style Addict have plenty) so they can see your toned stomach and classic tote bag (we love Charlie Middleton)so you can fit a stack of comp cards, a pair of heels and book to pass the time waiting in line. Need help figuring out your model off duty look? Style guides are the solution!

In terms of shoes, wear flats but pack your own heels to put on at the door. Make sure they’re comfortable and you’re confident to walk in, most models go for a block heeled boot in this instance as they’ll still show their long legs off, but they can run around in them all day too. There will always be a pair at the casting in case you forget, but they mightn’t be your size which could make it difficult showing off that walk you’ve spent hours and hours practising.

Of course, you’ll learn over time what you can and cannot get away with. And it’s also important to remember to add your own unique flare, you want them to be able to see your personality shine through a long line of blank canvas’s – but this can be done subtly. Perhaps you might wear a pair of bright red boots, statement earrings or a personalised jacket and handbag.