By Jessica Frost

Let me start by letting you know that it’s taken me years to get the art of packing down pat. Reading and researching countless advice articles and Pinterest posts got me nowhere. I was that girl that took a small suitcase away for a weekend for all of those ‘just in case moments’ that are more like ‘will never actually need but am going to pack anyway’ moments.

Living out of a suitcase and different hostel rooms for months at a time really highlighted the sentiment that everything that comes out, must go back in. One way or another.

So how do those high fashion bloggers who seem to be wearing three outfits a day for weeks on end fit everything in without spending thousands on excess baggage charges?

With an Instagram feed to update and followers to impress, I’m sure there’s plenty of people that spend more time planning their outfits than their sightseeing schedules. But what do you do when you get stuck lugging around two suitcases full of clothes through Europe’s cobblestone streets? You resolve to pack lighter the next time you go.

Here’s how…

Probably the easiest and most obvious way of getting the most out of little. Take items you can mix and match to create different outfits. You don’t need to plan a different outfit for each day of your trip. Bloggers tend to have their go-to ‘uniform’ that is pretty much a rotation of a few key styles put together a little differently each time they wear it.

Be top heavy
For every skirt, short or pant you take, pack two tops. A little denim skirt will be completely transformed by wearing it with a simple white tee one day and a long sleeve off the shoulder top with ruffles the next.

Get your outer wear out of there
If you’re going somewhere with a hot climate, a light jacket will be enough to get you by. If your trip takes you to colder parts, take one long coat and one shorter jacket.  You will most likely always be wearing one or the other so don’t have to worry too much about getting both to fit in your luggage and you can layer the jacket under the coat for those really chilly days.

Don’t pack more than one of any particular thing
A black tee will look like a black tee no matter what you wear it with. So will a maxi skirt. Too much of one colour or style also limits the variances in your outfits and can look a little same same on your insta feed. Minimalist bloggers who pack five black shirts will make sure they’re all different enough to stand out on their blogs.

Be realistic
Unless you have an absolute need for them, only take one pair of comfortable heels that are both seaside restaurant in Italy and Ibiza club appropriate. One pair of sneakers, slides and a closed toe pair of shoes is the bare basics you’ll need.

Roll it up
It’s probably the most well-known tip and the only one I read about, tried and found success in. Arranging your little rolls of clothes should also be done smartly. Everyday pieces on top and occasional items on the bottom.

Other things you may be tempted to take but don’t need- slippers, more than two hats, thick jumpers, multiple pairs of jeans and that really expensive going out dress that is too fancy to wear anyway.

Most importantly, if you’re holding an item you wouldn’t normally wear but think you ‘might’ wear it because you’re on holidays, put it down. You don’t need it.

And then voila, cases are packed and your next smart move would be to call our friends at Luggage Forward to travel in true style. Cases picked up from your doorstep and delivered to almost any location in the world for a fraction of the cost.

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Your welcome.