By Gritty Pretty

If the state of your hair is the scariest thing you’ve seen all summer, don’t stress ‘cos we’ve got you.

After a season of daily ocean dips, the hottest weather on record and heat styling without thermal protection (we see you…), we suspect your hair isn’t what it was six months ago.

To breath new life into your summer-worn strands, we asked three of our favourite hair stylists for their best quick-fixes. Go on, keep scrolling…

1. Use Hair serum

Hair serums are a concentrated shot of repairing ceramides and nourishing oils for your strands, and if you aren’t using one, start. Apply through your mid-length and ends (avoiding your roots) for instantly smoother strands and best of all, there’s no rinsing out and serums can be used on on both wet and dry hair as needed.

We love the new Iles Formula Haute Finishing Serum by award-winning celebrity hair stylist, Wendy Iles (whose clients include Keira Knightley and Diane Kruger). Iles tells Gritty Pretty that her new line is “crafted to instantly shut down the hair scales and deliver a sumptuous silk-spun finish,” – and it doesn’t disappoint. Also try: David Mallet #DM027 Hair Serum, Sachajuan Hair After The Sun (like Aloe on sunburnt hair), and Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches LifeSaver UV (helps damaged strands grow even faster and healthier!).

2. Neutralise Green Hair

Paris-based leading hair stylist David Mallet reveals he often “adds red [colouring] to masks for clients to take on holidays with them to counteract any green”. Your hair may turn green in in chlorine and salt water due to a chemical reaction that happens and it is definitely most visible on those with naturally light hair, so consider asking your hairdresser for the pre-emptive same treatment, or try red-toned products like KLORANE Leave-In Cream with Pomegranate (available March 6, 2017).

3. Try This Hair Mask Shortcut

One of the best hair tips we’ve picked up as Beauty Editors is when your strands are calling for a bit of TLC, to replace your conditioner with a hair mask, popping it in for a few minutes after shampoo and rinsing it out. This way you get some of the benefit of a richer formula, minus the waiting time of a mask.


4. Outsource The Problem

If your hair is seriously damaged, the quickest way to save it and your precious time is an in-salon treatment. Owner of Oscar Oscar Paddington, Paloma Rose Garcia, recommends the shu uemura Art of Hair Master Ceremony Treatment ($50, available at all Oscar Oscar salons) which is like both like a facial and massage for your scalp and strands. Effective and delightful.

“We personalise them based on our customer’s needs and they offer repair, moisture and shine. The hair feels like silk after! There is no limit on how many treatments you can do, but once a fortnight is what I recommend guests depending on how severe their current hair condition is,” Garcia explains.