By Jessica Frost

It’s clear that 90’s and 00’s fashion is creeping its way back onto the fashion scene, looking like you probably did that time you stalked the boy you liked at school. With the trends showing no signs of chilling TF out on their takeover, I thought I’d take the time to reminisce on a few. I do this in the hope that we get our fix of the disasters that were and never have to see them again.

Von Dutch trucker caps.von dutch trucker hat, kylie jenner von dutch
First up, every knock off Asian shop’s dream in the early 00’s. Not only do I remember thinking I needed to own one of these to love myself, I also remember thinking I needed it in multiple colours. I was wrong. But you couldn’t tell me nothin’. I wore my cap with pride along with every other one of my friends and hope I never see another in my life.

Cargo pants.cargo pants
I don’t care what you tell me, Lindsay Lohan didn’t even look good wearing these in Mean Girls so I don’t know why anyone else thought they looked good, myself included. Sure having multiple pockets to store gum and your flip phone were handy but was it really that practical to have a pocket between your knee and ankle? No it wasn’t.

Jelly shoes.jelly shoes
These plastic babies made their come back in 2012 and you probably know someone that still has them in their wardrobe now. But I pray to the fashion gods I never feel the pain of walking sweaty feet around in plastic prison cells again. My nostalgia for my once loved bright orange pair of these is easily over shadowed by the blister hell alone.

Butt labels.juicy trackpants
I’m talking those velour track pants that had B*itch embroidered right across the derriere. For a young and naïve version of myself, there was no icon more iconic than Britney Spears. If she was wearing it, I needed to be too. I now thank my parents for not letting me ever get in on the horror. Others weren’t as lucky. We’re seeing a comeback of 90’s and 00’s sportswear and I only cringe a little seeing velour pants come back. Just don’t let them have profanities plastered across the back. Come on, we’re classier than that now.

Rhinestone tees.Rhinestone tees
They were the logo tees of the mid 2000’s. Everyone I knew that had any interest in how they dressed owned a tee embellished with rhinestones. Even the guys. Thanks to Supré we had the choice of tanks or tees emblazoned with words like ‘angel’ and ‘daddy’s girl’ on the front in sparkly little plastic stones and glitter. Hopefully now we know better.

So much wrong.