By Jessica Sepel – The Healthy Life

As a nutritionist, I’m asked every day about my daily habits – my non-negotiables – when it comes to health and wellness. Here are my top tips for nourishing your body and mind…

One coffee per day only.

Greens at every meal (steamed, sautéed, raw, cooked – you name it!)

8 hours of sleep.

20-30 minutes of no phone during the day – I go into complete stillness and solitude.

Legs up against the wall every night before bed for 10 minutes.

Phone off by 7:30/8pm.

Daily breathing or yoga practice.

Indulgence weekly – with moderation. I love to indulge but I have learnt to do this without the guilt and in small amounts – the key to balance.

Walk in nature.

Cooking most of my meals – but it is quick and easy food.

Start by adding just a few to your daily routine and see how you go – your body will thank you! xo