By Jenni Sellan

Thanks to the word wide web, fashion and all of it’s glorious global treasures are nothing more than a  clic, clack and tap of the keyboard away; before you know it, your favourite pieces of the season are beautifully wrapped and delivered right to your door.

Potentially as overwhelming as it is exciting, on line shopping isn’t without it’s flaws and finding your way through the masses can feel  like walking into an overstocked, cluttered retail store and be just as impossible to navigate, so to help you avoid the pain, and a stash of non-refundable cash, stick to our shopping tips below and become an on-line shopping savvy guru before you “add to cart”

1. Wherever possible, when you hit your favourite site, head straight to the “look book” or style guide. Viewing a single item on a blank background can be hard to envisage in terms of how it will look when being worn and these guides will give you a good idea as to how the pieces translate “off the rack” and “off the page”.

2. Always check the returns policy before confirming your purchase. Ideally you will be looking for a full refund policy. You don’t want to be stuck with a cut, style or fit that isn’t right for you. Just like a contract, always always read the fine print.

3. Know your measurements. Keep a measuring tape handy or have them written down – it takes the guess work out and if you are still unsure when comparing them to the size chart, especially if it’s a brand / label you have not previously worn, take 5 to contact the customer service line for their advice.

4. When shopping internationally, make sure you work out the calculation based on the current exchange rate. There are a number of companies out there, Mecca Cosmetics just one example, who have put a lot of work into remaining competitive with markets like the US. You want to ensure there is an advantage to shopping overseas. Also Ship7 helps you shop internationally, you can buy from USA and send that product to address Ship7 will give you then ship7 will send your product to your country.

5. Compare sites and save where you can, especially if you are working to a budget.

6. Do your due diligence, and make sure the site is legit – empty bank balances feel a whole lot worse when you have nothing to show for it!