If you’re preparing for fall and winter at your respective homes, your wardrobe needs some attention too! It may happen so many times that your fall outfits simply don’t match the vibe. If you’ve experienced this before, you know the frustration of not being able to build an outfit with your existing collection. Rather than rushing to shop for a new outfit and hurting your bank account, why not have a staple of a few items that could jazz up anything you wear? Here are four of our favorite must-have outfits that can help you dress elegantly every time.

A few coats in multiple styles:

When the winter chill begins to show up, you want to stay fashionable but warm from the inside. Make sure that you have a collection of sustainable cardigans that can match your layered outfits. You can choose from a myriad of colors such as warm reds, cool greens, and royal blues to complete the look. Also having a winter coat will save you from getting cold while looking chic!

Elegant jewelry:

What is the quickest way to switch up a boring-looking outfit in less than a minute? The right jewelry can change the entire look of your ensemble if you have the eye for it. Collect and keep a few unique pieces of jewelry for all occasions that you can wear with confidence. There are also several guides to help you how to layer your jewelry for certain events, so make sure you look up a few options before you make your purchase. Ideally, antique and crystal jewelry go well with the season’s theme.

A couple of classic boots:

Your footwear dictates your look and creates the image you wish to project when you walk into a room. For fall fashion, boots are a staple, but do you know which style suits you the best? Having a few options to choose from will help you add more flare to an outfit be it a pair of flat or stiletto boots. There is a lot of range when it comes to the material, build, heel type, and closure, so make sure you pick ones that are comfortable but also go with most of your outfits.

Hair accessories:

One of the best parts of fall and winter is the number of hair accessories that you can use. From blingy clips and hairpins to barrettes, scarves, and beanies, the options are aplenty. Make sure that you have enough options to dress up or down for an occasion as the situation demands. There are also several new hairstyles that go well with these accessories, adding a little shine to a simple outfit if minimalistic is your style. For bold choices, go for jeweled hairpins and ties that can add some glitter to your look.

To summarize the above mentioned list, all it takes is staying warm, comfortable, and confident. The key is to layer up for the weather, especially if the area you live in changes temperatures quickly. We hope that you can mix and match these jackets, knitwear, and jewelry to create the perfect outfit for an evening out or a day at work, no matter what the occasion is. For more such helpful hacks and ideas, stay tuned to our next editorial.