When you are the bride, you are probably going to be the major decision maker on how your wedding will flow. You will be the one to decide on decor, dressing, and colors amongst others, but one of the vital parts of the wedding is choosing your bridesmaids. You want to have your best friends or favorite sister as your bridesmaids. However, how do you ensure they are happy? Remember, even though this is your day and you are the center of attention, you must also recognize that your bridesmaids make up an important part of the day. You can do various things to make your bridesmaid happy and have the best time of their life at your wedding. Here is what you should do.

Allow Them to Wear the Shoes of Their Choice

The bridesmaids will be dancing, posing for pictures, and walking around most of the day. Therefore, you need to ensure they will be comfortable throughout the time. One thing you can do is to allow them to choose the shoes. If their legs get blisters from wearing uncomfortable shoes, there will come a time when they might not want to leave the comfort of their chairs. Therefore, ensure they can run, pose and dance without a problem by letting them wear the shoes they like. The only thing is to make sure the color matches the theme. Whether someone prefers high heels or flat shoes, allow them to choose.

Involve Them When Choosing the Dresses

One thing that will steal the show at the wedding is your dress and those of your bridesmaids. You want to ensure you have a wedding with the most beautiful bridesmaids. Therefore, you need to choose the best dresses for them. Most importantly, involve them when making a choice. Picking the dresses without consulting them might feel selfish, and that does not mean everyone will like them. As much as it is your day, make them happy by involving them when choosing the dresses. There are many bridesmaid dresses you can choose from. It may also be a great idea to let them carry purses to keep their phones, wipes, and makeup.

Give Them Time to Relax

As mentioned earlier, your bridesmaids will be on the move most of the time, taking care of you and other things. The wedding day might be the longest day they have ever had. Give them time to relax. If the wedding starts at 12. p.m, allow them to do things at their own pace as long as they are ready on time. Ensure they also have time to eat. If you force them to run from the earliest hour of the morning to the evening, they might have the worst day of their life. Some might even sneak away to relax or get a nap. So, give them time to relax to be active for the after-party.

Plan Activities for Their Dates

If the bridesmaids are coming with their dates and are unfamiliar with most people at the wedding, they may feel uneasy about leaving them alone the whole day. Therefore, please plan activities for their dates. Invite them to eat together during the lunch break or chat after the wedding. The important thing is to keep them distracted with fun things. That way, your bridesmaids will not feel guilty for leaving their dates alone with strangers. Plan activities that will allow the dates to see the bridesmaids from time to time. This way, everyone will have a good time.

Provide a Lot of Snacks

Food is an important part of the day and something your bridesmaid should have in plenty. Keep them active and satisfied by ensuring they have enough snacks to eat. Go for healthy snacks without a lot of sugar to avoid rashes. If snacks are unavailable, ask them to bring their own to ensure they have something to munch through the day. Providing snacks ensures your bridesmaids are energized and happy. You also must ensure your girls are properly hydrated by providing a lot of water and beverage drinks. You can add bottles of champagne if you can afford it. Ensure your bridesmaids have enough drinks but avoid alcoholic ones before they walk you down the aisle.

If you want our bridesmaids to be happy and satisfied, ensure you do the above mentioned things. Nothing will make your day more than seeing your girls happy. Give them something to talk about even after the wedding by letting them choose, giving them time to relax, keeping their dates active and comfortable, and providing snacks and drinks. They will be happy, and you will be happy too.