Many people think that the main care of the feet falls in the summer. But the skin of the feet is the hardest in winter because our feet are loaded with heavy winter clothes and shoes, our feet are subject to friction and pressure, and wrapped in socks and put in warm shoes, they cannot always breathe. It is especially difficult for them to survive hot weekdays at work and in the office in warm boots, and then “go out” into the cold. Foot care is not only a pedicure once a month or orthopedic products when needed, but also daily care!

We really want to think that by hiding our legs in warm tights and closed shoes, we have taken enough care of them. But if in the summer they get tired of uncomfortable shoes, then in the winter they get tired of anything. And despite the fact that we cannot show off our well-groomed heels to others, our feet need even more attention to ourselves, not only our appearance depends on it, but also our health. Since the feet (especially the soles) have a large number of zones functionally connected with internal organs, not to mention the fact that posture and gait depend on the condition of the feet.

Daily care

When you take a bath, be sure to spend 2-3 minutes on your feet. It is necessary to thoroughly wash between the toes, as well as remove all horny layers.

When the legs are completely dry, apply a special cream with massaging movements. In this way, you will improve the blood circulation of the limbs. I recommend not applying too much cream. The main thing is to massage well, and put on soft socks on top. Apply the cream immediately in the bath. However, if you feel dry skin, you can additionally apply it before going to bed.

How to deal with the development of fungus?

You can (and should) fight against sweaty feet and the possibility of fungus development!

Most people’s feet sweat too much in the cold season. Hormonal disorders and increased excitability of the vegetative system can be frequent causes. The skin of the sole becomes soft, and between the toes, it often becomes wrinkled and wrinkled. A warm and moist environment is maintained for a long time, the most favorable condition for the development of a fungal infection.

It is necessary to avoid the use of rubber shoes, as well as dense synthetic stockings and socks. With increased sweating of the soles, pathogenic fungi often settle on them and the skin acquires a particularly unpleasant smell, small bubbles and areas of dryness appear on it.

Numerous glands located on the feet secrete sweat and moisten the surface of the soles, which maintains their elasticity. If the amount of sweat produced becomes insufficient, dryness of the soles and the formation of cracks may occur. Thickening of the skin on the feet is characteristic not only for summer but also especially for winter. If the skin is too dry, it leads to the formation of painful cracks that bleed. Dirt and infection can get into them, which are dangerous to provoke inflammation and sepsis. Systematic hygienic care is required for the prevention of severe cornification of the skin on the soles and the prevention of cracks.

Nail care in winter is no less important. They become brittle and delaminate. To prevent this process, it is necessary to start caring for them in time. Lack of vitamins and wearing narrow, uncomfortable shoes have a detrimental effect.

Care 1-2 times a week

For special foot care, you need to spend at least 20-30 minutes on them 1-2 times a week. To do this, you can use an ordinary basin or a special foot bath. The water we use is very important. If there is a problem of dryness or keratinized cells, then such water should be warmer than usual. You need to add grated soap or soda there, at the rate of 1 tsp. per liter of water. These products will soften the skin nicely, and then you need to get rid of excess layers with the help of a pumice stone.

It is necessary to wash off everything with water at room temperature, and then apply the cream with massaging movements, without bypassing the nail area. After that, be sure to put on socks. If a person has an asthenic body type (slender and tall) and his feet are constantly cold, then he should take a hot bath and steam his feet. Conifer essential oils should be added to this bath. They contain substances that improve blood circulation and activate it.

Winter is also an ideal period to restore the nail plates on the feet. For this, there are now many natural oils that can be rubbed in after such a bath. There are also special medicated nail polishes that contain moisturizing and anti-fungal ingredients.