The Best Bums the Modeling World Has to Offer

By Simi Afroza Mira

Modeling isn’t all in the face. It’s also all about your backside, and these days, having a toned and runway worthy booty is a must for successful models across every genre – whether you do swimsuit or lingerie work – those sexy Victoria’s Secret Angels, anybody? To runway baring outfits that demand the perfect toosh, and even to fitness modeling. Although, with the latter one, your booty can be sculpted to some degree by wearing Scrunch Bum Leggings or Shorts. I have trawled the web for some of the best back-ends in the modeling world, and here they are – the top 10 modeling booty’s the industry has to offer:

1. How Cheeky Of you
best bumsThis Victoria’s Secret runway model certainly knows how to cheekily flaunt those perfect cheeks of hers. And we thank her for it.

 2. The Barest Of Butts
best bumsI like ahem – bare – butts and I cannot lie

3. The Beach Butt
best bumsThis model knows how to rock her modified boy-short bikini bottoms from Victoria’s Secret. She probably spends as much time in the gym every day as I do grooming my cats. Read: a lot.

4. Curves in all the right places
best bumsWho says you can’t be thin but still rock the curves? This alluring model proves those naysayers wrong with her jaw-dropping buns.

5. The Rockin’ Plus Size Booty
best bumsThere’s a reason plus size models are becoming more and more an established staple in the fashion and modeling industry today, and this photo totally proves why. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

6. But What an Electric Ass You Have
best bumsPretty much literally. This runway model not only can simultaneously rock electric neon butterfly wings, but still astonish us with a just as electrifying back end? Props to you, babe.

7. Buns Of Steel
best bumsThis fitness model knows how to flaunt those perfectly toned cheeks. Gives the term “booty shorts a new meaning.

8. That is an Ass O’ Fury
best bumsWhen I happened upon this photo, my jaw dropped, and then my thoughts pretty much went something like, “I wish that ass was mine. ALL MINE! I want dat ass!!! Sigh. If only.

9. Petite Body, Pleasing Booty
best bumsBeing petite and rocking an awesome toosh are not mutually exclusive, and this petite model proves that to us with her enviable curves. Like, totally enviable.

10. Hot Ass, Hot Hair, Don’t Care
best bumsI care.

This runway model’s cheeks are complete Perfection. I’m totally jealous right now.