We’ve all heard the jokes about model’s and their weight, including variations on, “she looks like she needs to eat a sandwich.” So it may be a bit of a surprise, considering that models are typically pretty svelte, that the new trend to hit the interwebs is model foodies. That is right; models like Karlie Kloss, Robin Lawley, Cesar Casier, and Roze Traore have all diversified and delved into the food industry.

Although I don’t have an exact timeline, it seems like the first of these catwalkers to break into food world would have been Karlie Kloss. Unlike her blogging colleagues, Kloss isn’t writing about food, rather, she’s collaborating with (lending her name to) Momofuku Milk Bar to produce the vegan Karlie’s Kookies. What’s most impressive about this venture is that part of each sale of these cookies goes to FEED, a philanthropic organization that feeds and educates hungry children. That part is awesome. What isn’t so awesome, as pointed out by the Huffington Post, is that these cookies cost $22 for 6. That’s insane. They’re also not completely clear as to how much of the proceeds are going to FEED, how much stay with Momofuku, and how much Kloss herself if profiting.

Robin Lawley is probably the most popular model foodie that there is. Her blog, “Robin Lawley Eats”, is a collective of beautifully shot food photos, positive body image messages, and Lawley’s favorite food and appliance recommendations. She’s also penned a corresponding cookbook, a collection of modern classics, and tidbits from her travels as a model, and even some dishes from her homeland of Australia.

Robin Lawley

Cesar Casier’s blog, The Cesar Kitchen, is a cute, very male friendly food blog written by Cesar, mostly in 3rd person. It’s a combination of recipes, photos of food, and what seems to be just general musings from Casier. Also a newfound author, Casier recently released his own cookbook, “Model Kitchen”, and has hopes to attain his own cooking show before too long.

Roze Traore takes his love of food a step further than his counterparts; he is an actual, real, personal chef. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu and in between high fashion bookings for clients like GQ and Ralph Lauren, Traore travels the world cooking up “awe-inspiring” meals at exclusive events and for the prestigious Jean-George Vongerichten restaurants. Not bad for a fall back option.