I love my agent and I’m not ashamed to say it. She is so much more than someone that just lands me gigs (and she does an awesome job at that), she’s been my support.

I realize some girls aren’t as lucky as me- their agent is more like an extension of the business than any type of friend, but not mine. I’ll admit- it wasn’t like that at first; we had a more business arrangement of sorts. Her sending me texts, me rolling my eyes… you know, the usual.

But when my mother died, our relationship changed. I was really close with my mom, my father …. well, let’s just say he wasn’t much of a priority in my life. But I was truly crushed when I lost my mom, she was the one person I could go to after my crazy shoots. She was someone I always knew had my best interest in mind.

When she died, I wanted to stop modeling. I didn’t want to go to my shoots, and I didn’t want to do shows. It was too hard to continue smiling and pretending. I was hurting inside.

I no-showed. I stopped answering my emails and my phone. I slept in for days. I was determined to cry myself into career suicide.

But my agent wasn’t letting me quit. She showed up my apartment for days. (Yes, I said days because I didn’t open the door the first three times she stopped by.) Those times, she sat outside my door talking from the hallway and sliding papers through the cracks. By the fourth time, I opened the door just out of respect to my neighbors.

No one else showed up during that time, not my other family members, not my model friends. There was no one else. Only my agent, who was sincerely worried about me, took the time to nudge me out of my funk.

Now I trust her with almost everything. Having trouble with a guy, I call my agent. Wondering what I should have for dinner, I call my agent. Need to vent about the latest episode of crap model reality TV, I call my agent.

Thats if she hasn’t called me first.

I truly owe my career to her, for more than the obvious reasons. She will never be my mom, but she’s pretty damn close.