By Carrie Lynn
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You’re too fat.  You’re too short.  You’re too ugly.  You’re not a model.  Besides hearing a bunch of negative feedback about yourself on a regular basis I’d say this job is fabulous.  Free clothing, free food, invited to free parties and trips.  It’s totally not worth it, but that’s not my point!  My point is that I’ve had some good nights, thanks to surrounding myself with ***holes who truly only want me around to make themselves look better, which wouldn’t be possible with out my choice to model.  I’m so happy I don’t do this anymore.  I obviously suggest having a little fun while you’re young, just do not get lost in the lifestyle.  

Lucky enough, my girlfriend and I got invited, with our friends to this huge Mansion during Ultra Music Festival.  For those of you who don’t know what that is…imagine a festival of house/trance/techno music, which I’ve always assumed were the same thing.  That crap makes me want to bash my head into a pole!  People come from all over to listen to this and do drugs…and wear weird clothes…and their sunglasses indoors.

Sounds awful right?!  It is!  Anyway we didn’t get involved in that, we just went to the after parties.  This one in particular was Puffy’s also known as Puff Daddy, Sean Puffy Combs, P.Diddy…whichever one he goes by now!  I still do not understand why a grown man would go by any of those names and expect to be taken seriously.

Rambling again!!  His house was SICK!!!!  Well, I didn’t really go inside-inside, we were just in the backyard by the pool and the huge buffet!  They had anything you could think of to eat and when the sun was rising they brought out breakfast!  Clearly I love food and NO, I am not a crack head staying out partying until the sun rises.  You just don’t get the opportunity to be at P.Diddy’s house, in his presence, very often!  Yes in his presence!  I was standing right next to him with my friend.  Of course I was too afraid to speak to him.  She wasn’t!  I need her confidence!  The conversation went a little like this…

MY FRIEND: “I am the mask of Zorro” as she pulls the masquerade mask from her forehead over her eyes.

P.DIDDYLooks at her and walks away.

Ha ha.  I guess you’d really have to be there to think it was funny.  She attempted a second try a few hours later while he was on the microphone thanking everyone for coming.

P.DIDDY: Speaking to the half-naked groupies in the pool.

MY FRIEND: “How about them tittayyysssss.” (not titties…tittayyyysssss)

P.DIDDY: Stops talking.  Walks away.

Again I guess you had to be there!  He wasn’t having any of it!!!  How he couldn’t find her and her english accent utterly attractive and charming beats me!  Haha.  Perhaps he’s not into women?  That’s the word on the street!  Ehh he didn’t have to talk to us for us to have a good time.  I still consider that the best night I’ve had.  I, no joke, was laughing for 4 hours straight and legitimately almost peed my pants several times.  I’m not kidding…I had to do the leg cross and everything!!!

Sorry I do not have any photos of P.Diddy for you photography was not allowed.  But the mask of Zorro and I snapped a pic on our phone…

With The Mask Of Zoro

With The Mask Of Zoro