By Calynn M. Lawrence
Twitter – @fairytalefaces

In the fashion industry, everything is multifaceted! With that, the concept of modeling is very diverse and has something to fit all types of people. If you are looking to pursue a career in modeling, you need to be sure to choose a focus area in which is correctly suited for you. Fortunately, this article is going to give you a break down of the three main types of modeling there are and who they are best fitted for.


Editorial modeling is essentially the focus of print modeling for photography and advertisement. These are the types of models that you see on bill boards and in those high fashion magazines posing with the latest Guess purse. Their main focus is photo shoots. A great example of this type of model is Emmanuela de Paula. This Brazilian beauty has experience in all three areas of modeling, however, her main focus is print. Editorial modeling greatly suited for models who are more introverted and do not enjoy the direct contact with the public. This is because it allows you to model, while taking an audience out of the equation. Typically, depending on the volume and importance of the photo shoot, there will only be a professional team and the other models present at the shoots.

editorial mdoel
editorial modelling1


Commercial modeling is the area of modeling that focuses on film and advertisement. Hence the name “commercial” modeling. It is very common for mainstream pop celebrities to branch off into this form of modeling because it is very open minded in terms of the type of people they accept. Typically, high fashion models are expected to be tall and slim, however, many commercial models are neither of the two. This area of modeling focuses more so on your camera presence and personality. Do you have the ability to really sell the product to the viewer? That is why many celebrities are included in this realm because of their very weighted influence over the audience. This form of modeling is great for models who are bold and have stand alone charm that is awesome on camera. Also, it is good for people with previous experience in acting as you are most times required to recite a script! A good example of this type of model would be Jennifer Lopez who is a poster girl for L’oreal.

jennifer lopez loreal3
jennifer lopez laoreal
jennifer lopez loreal



Runway modeling is the branch of modeling that focuses strcitly on fashions hows for advertisement. This is great for people who are tall and thin with a real stage presence. This focuses on your ability to rock a garment and wear it with flair as you strut down that runway. A popular example of this type of model is Kendall Jenner, as the majority of her modeling endeavours are runway related. People who have experience in dance and gymnastics are often most gifted in this area because of their dominant control over the kinesthetics of their figure. Because this branch of modeling done in person, it is very beneficial to have the confidence to model what is given to you in front of a crowd. This is often looked at as the hardest branch of modeling because standards are so high and there is no opportunity for computer generated enhancement. This is real, live and up front!

runway model kendall
runway kendall
runway kendall 2]

There are many areas of modeling, as well as many subcategories. This is simply an over view of the main three types. Taking this information into account as well as further research on your part will benefit you greatly as you embark on your career path.