Aside from being uncomfortable, wearing a brassier that doesn’t fit perfectly makes you feel too conscious, which ruins your mood, or worse, your entire day. Thus, getting this piece of undergarment in the right size is a must to feel light, easy, and of course, confident. 

What are the signs that you’re wearing the wrong bra size? 

  • Cup slippage or nip slip. 
  • Your bra straps consistently slips. 
  • Cup wrinkles.
  • Your brassiere moves upward when you lift your arms.
  • The wires are too tight that it leaves a mark on your underboob. 
  • Wires poke your sideboobs.

If you have encountered any of the mentioned signs when you put on your bra, it is time that you purchase a new brassier in the correct size. Measuring your bra size can be done easily at home. Got a tape measure? If yes, follow these steps. 

Determine your band size. 

  • Remove your bra or wear a non-padded bra to get your accurate band size. 
  • Place the measuring tape around your torso. Ensure that it is pulled tight based on your comfort. 
  • Write down the inches. Take note that band sizes are always even numbers. So, if the number is even, that would be the band size. If the number is odd, you should round it off to the nearest even number. 

Measure your cup size. 

  • To measure your cup size, place the tape measure on the fullest part of your bust. You can leave an allowance if you want to too. This allowance will serve as a space for your breasts to breathe. 
  • Ensure that the tape measure is leveled and flat. Write down the inches, as that would be your cup size. 
  • To compute your cup size, find the difference between your band size and cup size. 
  • Once done, you’ll now get your final bra size. To do so, get the sum of your band size and cup size. 

How to convert bra sizes? 

Here’s another frequently asked question when it comes to getting the right bra size. There are two options on how you can easily convert your bra size. 

Bra Size Chart 

Every lingerie brand has its own bra size system. Thus, when shopping, it would be best if you ask for one. However, you can also look at a standard Bra Size Chart that shows an entire conversion of all the bra sizes in different locations. It is more specific and simplified as well, which makes your bra shopping easier and faster. 

Bra Size Calculator 

Another way to determine your bra conversion easily. These bra-size calculators can be found on the internet or can be downloaded as applications. Now, all you need to do is input your band size and cup size on their respective fields and determine your bra size in just a few clicks. These calculators also have options where you can convert your bra size. Just choose your chosen location provided in the dropdown. 

Not knowing your bra size is really a hassle when shopping. Being unsure of what to purchase is time-consuming, and worse, if you purchase the wrong size, returns are not allowed. This is why it is really important to know your size before getting one to avoid bra shopping misery.