Sunglasses are typically viewed by most people as being unnecessary. People that do wear them only tend to do so for fashion purposes, not to protect their eyes. However, people with very light eyes do need to make sure that they wear sunglasses outdoors, so their eyes do not get sun damaged. Sun damage can blur a person’s eyesight.

If you are planning on wearing sunglasses, then you need to make sure that you wear them properly. If you have never really worn them before, then you will probably have no idea how you are supposed to wear them. Don’t worry though, this post will tell you everything you need to know.

Prescription Lenses

A lot of people seem to think that sunglasses are only used for protection from the sun and fashion, but this is not true. It’s perfectly possible to buy prescription-lensed sunglasses. It is also possible to buy tinted lenses, designed to protect people with lightly coloured eyes from the sun’s rays. If you have very light eyes (or usually wear prescription glasses) then consider buying prescription lenses for your sunglasses. According to the experts over at Seek Optics, it’s a good idea to buy a few backup pairs, too. Buying replacement lenses will help you to ensure that if anything happens to yours, you are able to pop in a new pair and continue going out in the sun and enjoying yourself.

Matching Fashion

Sunglasses are usually just worn for fashion, not for protection and not because people can’t see without prescription lenses. If you are one such person, then you need to make sure that your glasses match your outfits. Sunglasses can make or break an outfit. If the outfit you’re wearing doesn’t match your sunglasses, then you’ll look like you have no idea what looks good on you. Matching fashion is essential, so you look your best. If you are struggling, then there are forums you can use where you can post outfit pictures and get recommendations on which type of sunglasses would look best on you.

Facial Colouration

Something that a lot of people overlook when they’re buying sunglasses is the colour and tone of their skin. If you have very light skin, then lightly coloured glasses and lenses could wash your face out. If you have dark skin, however, dark-coloured glasses are not so much of a problem, but there are still colours that won’t look good on you. Facial colouration is something you can discuss with a stylist. Most sunglass manufacturers and retailers have in-house stylists. These individuals will often see you for free and discuss what they think you should be wearing (and what will look best on your face).

Latest Trends

If you are somebody who’s really into fashion, then you’ll know that some styles and types of sunglasses are more popular than ever. Trends come and go. If you are fashion-minded, then spend some time researching and shopping around so that you can get the pair that’s most fashionable and best for you. The latest trends in sunglasses can easily be discovered by visiting the social media pages of your favourite celebrities and musicians. More often than not, you will find them wearing sunglasses that are ‘in’ right now.

Consider Shape

The shape of the sunglasses that you wear is also something you need to think about. Some people’s faces suit certain shapes. There are illustrated graphs and guides available online that you can use to work out what type of glasses would look best with your specific face shape. Make sure to try on pairs of glasses inside an optician or retailer’s store, just so you can be sure that the shape you have chosen does indeed look good on you. Trying on glasses will give you an opportunity to ask the staff whether or not they suit you, too.

Ensuring Protection

Finally, the main purpose of sunglasses (whether or not people use them for this is irrelevant) is protection from the sun. The sun’s rays can be very bad for your eyes, especially if they are light, i.e., blue or green. If you have light-coloured eyes, then make sure that the pair of sunglasses you buy actually offer UV protection. It’s sadly common for sunglass manufacturers to sell glasses that don’t actually offer protection of any kind. It’s also common for fake glasses not to protect people’s eyes. Avoid buying fake glasses, because they can do more harm than good.

If you like the way that sunglasses look on you, then you need to find a pair that’s right for you. You can do that by following this post’s guidance. You should only ever wear sunglasses once you have found the perfect pair. If you don’t think that the pair you have is perfect, then don’t waste your time with them.