By Rhiannon Bamford-Purchon

1. Concealer

Although usually models are required to attend casting calls with minimal make-up, after a day full of waiting and running from casting to casting, a little under-eye brightening can do amazing things. It’s a good-idea to keep it in your bag at all times, for those emergency touch-ups.

2. Book or Magazine

Let’s face it. Mobile phones can be sort of obnoxious. Reading a book or magazine won’t come across as rude, and won’t run out of power. Having something to do, instead of just browsing through Instagram – will make the waiting game almost enjoyable. Extra points if it’s fashion related! Books and magazine’s can be a great ice-breaker.

3. Phone Charger

Having less than 10 percent in phone charge is every models worst nightmare. Not only is your phone your map to getting around the city, but it’s also important for remembering important details and receiving information from your agent. If you are constantly forgetting your electronics, invest in a portable charging block and a uwell australia that you can keep in your casting bag!

4. Spare Comp Cards

Last minute call backs, auditions or extra casting directors. Always remember to bring a few extra comp-cards just in-case and ALWAYS make sure they’re up to date. There’s nothing worse than giving a casting a director an out of date comp-card. If your agency makes you purchase them, it’s worth the investment to stock up on updated copies.

5. Heels

Obviously most casting calls require heels, but instead of wearing them all day and potentially damaging them (and your feet!). Bringing a large tote bag and changing into them when you arrive at the location is a much better idea. Make sure your heels are basic in colour (black or nude is usually what’s required) comfortable and most importantly – that you can do a killer walk in them!

6. Snacks

Don’t cave and get fast food last minute, shamefully eat it and then feel regretful and bloated after! On the other hand don’t starve and risk feeling hangry and not giving a good first impression. Fruit and healthy protein rich foods are the perfect casting-call snack.

 7. Water

We all know the benefits of water on health, skin and body. It’s no surprise its essential to keep hydrated on all casting calls, no break-outs here! Believe it or not, you can waste I lot of money buying drinks when you’re out and about, keeping a large water bottle in your bag is not only going to save you money, but it will also save your skin!

 8. Portfolio or iPad

Although bringing a huge portfolio is annoying, it’s super necessary. However now many casting agents will accept i-pads with Portfolio apps instead! This is a great option if you have limited space in your bag.

9. Deodorant

It’s super important to stay fresh and hygienic and make a good first impression. Especially when you sometimes have long 10+ hour days! A travel-size deodorant is perfect to keep in your casting call bag.

10. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is my saving grace. Makes hair voluminous, dry and clean in one spray. Perfect for those days when you don’t have enough time to style your hair, but you want to look effortless and chic! A must have.