By Rhiannon Bamford-Purchon

Getting dressed in the morning is harder

Am I on trend? Are people judging me? Do I look like trash? All thoughts that have gone through my mind at some point or another. My advice is to wear what makes you happy, and what makes you feel good about yourself. I guarantee nobody cares as much as you think they do, and whilst it’s important to look polished and professional, there’s no point spending $100’s of dollars just to stay on trend.

People might scoff when you say ‘Fashion’ and that’s okay!

‘Fashion? Like retail?’ Yes, like retail. We all know that the route of fashion is to sell clothing to consumers, but that’s not why most of us get into it. You might have family members, colleagues, friends and honestly just strangers question why on earth you’re pursuing it. That’s cool though, not everyone’s going to get it.

There is way more routes than you thought

There are so many more positions in fashion than I ever could of imagined, especially now that social media is on the rise, there’s jobs that I’ve never even heard of. If you’re not sure what you want to do (I hear you!), you don’t :need to worry. It’s likely you’ll try a whole range of things before falling into something you want to do.

There will be a lot of interning:

Like it or not, the Industry is crowded. The great stand out from the good and experience is vital. If you’re attending fashion school like me, it’s likely that interning will be a part of your course structure. For me, it was great. My career coordinators hooked me up with opportunities I couldn’t have dreamed of before I got here. I’ve gotten to work with some of the companies I idolised back home.  Some of it is really hard work, but I promise it’s worth it.

Apartment Hunting is pretty dismal

Let’s just say, if you find an apartment you like that’s in your budget you should go for it. Rent is way more expensive in the city and it’s going to seem dismal and depressing. My experience in a studio-apartment has been a challenge for sure, and a test in living minimalist (I am definitely failing.), however it’s been fun none the less.

There will be moments of doubt,

I feel like something nobody tells you, is how much doubt you will feel. There have been days when I’ve been struggling, homesick and wondering if this is the right path for me. It’s important to push past this, it will get easier – I promise.

You’re going to need passion

If you’re going into fashion, it’s important to remember that you’re probably not doing it for the money, and if you are –you’re probably not in the right industry. There’s a lot of extra work, events, volunteering and it can get really tiresome if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing.

Your family will consistently ask…’When are you coming home?’

And honestly, that’s a hard question to answer. When I feel fulfilled? When I feel successful or I have some grip on the future and my goals? It’s tricky. All you can say is that you’re trying your best to make it, you don’t know when you’re coming home but you hope it’s soon.