By Jenni Sellan

TOM FORD, tick; Marc Jacobs, tick; Burberry, tick; Anna Sui, tick; Bottega Veneta, tick, Opening for Chanel and Alexander Wang, tick tick. We could go on but we won’t.

After her coming of runway age in 2017, Kaia Gerber burst onto the international fashion scene in September for the SS18 collections and was crowned the breakout star of the season faster than you could say ‘sweet sixteen’.

Fast Forward to February twenty-18 and Kaia’s reign continued at New York Fashion Week with a superior performance and an array of momentous moments.

At just 16 years young this beauty has the mark of super model distinction all over her and you don’t have to look any further than the blessings of the Crawford /Gerber gene pool to understand why. Kaia Gerber, daughter of one of the original supers, Cindy Crawford, may have temporarily stepped into her famous mums shoes, but rather than walk in her shadow, is casting one of her own and is owning every single stride of her perfectly positioned destiny.

supermodel kaia gerber
supermodel kaia gerber

With 2.9 million Instagram followers, (and that’s without a reality T.V show) her first solo Vogue cover at 16 (Cindy was 20) and having walked for fashion’s elite, (will Balmain be next?) Kaia Gerber may just be the one to reignite super model stardom. It’s a term we hesitate to use if we are not referring to the originals but could there be a rebirth?

In just two short years after signing with IMG at age 14, Kaia’s resume is every aspiring models dream and it’s hard to imagine the heights she will go to. Calling her the next ‘top model’ just doesn’t seem to cut it, but regardless of the title that is bestowed upon her there is no doubting she is born to be a star… a super one at that.