So, after months of planning, your guy gang has finally managed to organize a group trip to Amsterdam. And undoubtedly, the city is a striking choice for men due to its exotic nightlife, brewery collection, and variety of cafes and restaurants. So, if you’re going to Amsterdam in the near future, you must know the popular places and things to do in Amsterdam. Here, we have shared a list of things you can do in the city to have the best time with your buddies. 

Where to go for Food & Drinks? 

The city is jam-packed with different places to eat and have an amazing time with your lads. From eating buffets to fine dining and vending machines for hot snacks, there are a lot of options. Also, if you are a large group of friends, make sure to book tables in advance as most of the cafes stay booked due to heavy rush.

Don’t Forget City’s Nightlife

Guys Can’t Miss the Red Light District

If you’re in Amsterdam, and your boys need to visit the Red Light district of the city. Prostitution is legal in the area, and it has some of the best sex shops in Amsterdam. Besides, there are other enticing and exciting places which you should visit for a fun experience. 

Go Clubbing

If you have friends who are party freaks, you just can’t miss the nightlife of the city. And what keeps the tourists hooked on this nightlife is the close proximity of all the clubs and bars. If you don’t enjoy the vibe of a certain club, you can explore other options and stick to your favorite ones. 

Staying As a Group? Here’s How to Have Fun 

Rent Bikes & Explore

Nothing can excite men more than the craze of bike rides. And nothing can beat the exhilarating routes Amsterdam offers for its Ansterdammers. Renting a bike is probably the most exciting way to explore the city and burn off calories. 

Brewery Tours

Amsterdam is popular for its brewery shops and their vast collection. Chances are most of your friends must enjoy drinking, and if they do, take them to the city’s most amazing breweries and find tasty beer. From microbreweries, such as the Walhalla Craft Beer Brewery and the Brouwerij ’t IJ Brewery, to the most popular Heineken Brewery, there are loads of appealing options. 

Catch the City’s View from a Boat

Want to catch the city’s magnificent view? Hop onto a boat, take some beers, and cruise along the city’s many canals. Even for boating, there are multiple options. For instance, a boat tour offers dutch style pancakes to its passengers. 

Going on a group trip has to be the most fun and refreshing experience for everyone involved. And if it’s Amsterdam, the feeling has to be a little extra special. However, for a successful trip, it is vital that you properly plan everything ahead and follow through at each and every step. And for the fun part, we’ve already shared the most exciting places and things you can do in the city.