A hair transplant is a cosmetic treatment, also known as hair replacement or hair restoration that helps move the hair to the area that is partly lacking. In this treatment, skin with healthy hairs is taken from the other body parts, also known as the area of the donor site. One with very few or very thin hairs should go for a hair transplant nyc

If you plan to take this treatment, then it’s essential to know the precautions you must take after surgery. Taking all the precautions will help you to boost your recovery time and provide you with the results you were expecting.

Avoid Sleeping Flat 

Like all other surgeries, the swelling can be normal after the hair transplantation treatment. Although it’s not a major surgery, still it’s necessary to take precautions. After surgery, for at least seven days, a patient should keep their head elevated 45 degrees to avoid swelling at the area of surgery. In addition, do not rub your head with a pillow, and avoid sleeping on your stomach. 

Do Not Wash Hairs

Of course, bathing is essential to keep our body hygienic, but at the time of surgery, you must say a strict no to hair wash. However, after 48 hours, patients can gently wash their hair but only after consulting with their surgeon. Take the shampoo in the cup and apply it slowly on your scalp; remember not to apply it directly. 

Avoid Hair Styling Products.

Patients should strictly avoid styling their hair using products like hair crème and wax because they include harsh chemicals that may damage their scalp completely and stop the recovery. After one month, you can apply a bit of these product but we suggest ignoring them as much as possible. 

Forgetting to Drink Water

Of course, a human can’t imagine their life without water, but when we talk about surgery, the importance of keeping a body hydrated increases significantly. However, when your body is hydrated enough, it will help you feel comfortable and make your recovery fast. In addition, your urine color will tell you about the hydrated level of your body.


When a person goes for hair transplant surgery, they are given a sedative drug to keep them calm and sleep. If you are given strong sedation, then you must avoid driving the car. Instead, make sure to arrange a vehicle with the driver so you can go home safely.