In our hustling everyday life, we often tend to forget small yet important things such as our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC maintenance and replacing your old air filters. HVAC maintenance is easy, but you have to be extra careful because the lack of carefulness might cause the failure of your whole HVAC system. Replacing the whole system is costlier than replacing old air filters.

Reasons You Need MERV Air Filters

The air quality of your house has an immense impact on your health and mind. So it is crucial to keep the air quality of your house as satisfactory as possible. MervFilters is a brand that creates premium quality air filters at a very affordable price. Merv air filters produce high-quality air that is favorable for you, your family, and your pets’ health.

Merv has graded filters ranging from 1-20. For example, Merv 8, Merv 11, Merv 13, Merv 15, etc. Higher grade means higher efficiency in increasing the air quality. These filters are capable of detecting duct particles to microparticles along with the prevention of air contamination.

You can use MERV 5-8 filters in improved residential areas or industrial workspaces. MERV 9-12 are great for Hospital labs and superior houses. These filters are perfect for your regular use.

5 Little-Known Signs of a Dirty Air Filter  

If you haven’t changed your HVAC air filters in a while, or you’ve forgotten when was the last time you changed them, here are some common signs or clues that you might need to replace your air filters soon.  

Your power bills increased at an unusual rate

Sometimes, it’s hard to detect why your power bills suddenly increased at a very bizarre rate. In most cases, faulty appliances or your poorly maintained air conditioner causes this problem. When clogged or dirty air filters block the airflow of the AC, the AC requires more energy than usual to pull air. Dirty air filters make your AC work less efficiently while requiring higher power which results in skyrocketing your power bills. 

The airflow of your AC has reduced

Dirty air filters reduce the airflow of your AC. When the air filter becomes too dusty, the blower fans have to struggle harder to push air through the filters, reducing your AC’s airflow and raising your utility bills. Eventually, the blower fans burn out, malfunction, and later on collapse completely. 

During the heating season, the lack of proper airflow might cause your heat exchanger to crack. A damaged heat exchanger is dangerous because it can emit carbon monoxide inside your house which is poisonous and health-hazardous. Pierce County homeowners often call services for furnace repair in Puyallup, WA to help them handle this issue. Reacting as soon as possible to a reduced airflow can save you from facing severe complications.

The Cooling system became inefficient

The clearest sign that you need to replace your AC air filters is the cooling inefficiency of the AC. If you see that the air is not cool enough or barely pulling throughout the house, the main reason must be clogged filters.

Home is Dustier

If you find more dust than usual on furniture or surfaces near the air vents, one main reason must be dirty air filters. Dirty air filters lessen the air quality of your home. Also, this causes to grow of molds and various bad bacteria. This might cause you or your family members frequent allergy attacks. Since the filters are clogged, it will pressure your HVAC system to pull outdoor allergens inside your house.

The furnace failure of your HVAC

The furnace’s dirty air filters might shorten your HVAC system’s lifespan. Furnace replacement is way costlier than furnace filters. So it is better that you replace air filters regularly.

Even though air filters are not a central part of an HVAC system, it plays a vital role in the efficiency and performance of the system. Changing the air filter takes only five minutes. How long your air filters will last depends on the quality of the filters. Most Mervfilters last 3-6 months. So, changing the filters after this period is necessary, or it will cause bigger problems. We recommend you use Mervfilters for better living environments!