Have you ever wondered what boosts your confidence from inside? Yes, of course, your determination to surpass all struggles with optimism counts, but besides that, the way you dress matters. It is a known fact that people focus more on how they are dressing from the outside. Someone might be looking well-dressed from outside, wearing the best quality garments, but they cannot garner the much-needed confidence. Are you wondering why? It is because they are not wearing the best quality undergarments!

Quality, comfort, or designs of undergarments often gets ignored because they are worn under the clothes. But always remember, if you are not feeling comfortable and stylish from within, no costly suit can make you empowered. That is why Understatement is here to add some exquisite lingerie collection to your wardrobe, so that be it going for an interview, asking out your crush, you feel confident! Today we are going to review this luxury undergarment brand. So if you want to feel good from within, continue reading until the end.

Understatement: Overview of the Brand

Found by beautiful Swedish women Marie Stolt and Maria Lager, Understatement, located in Europe, has been providing the best quality lingerie since 2017. They believe that women’s bodies deserve the most exotic undergarments irrespective of size, color, or shape. No, you no more have to choose style over comfort because their bralettes and panties are made with superior quality materials. The brand makes sure to use such fabrics and technologies that cause no harm to the environment.

Unlike most other undergarment brands, they do not focus on the number of sales. Instead, their focus is on a woman’s satisfaction after wearing their undergarments. They want each woman to feel empowered and comfortable. If you have failed to find the right size undergarments for yourself to date, it’s time to check out the collection of Understatement. They manufacture bralettes and panties of all sizes. Their goal is to reach out to everyone without succumbing to the conventional beauty standards set by society.

What about Their Collection?

The main concern lies in the collection of the brand. Women are often choosy about the undergarments they wear, especially regarding the design. Gladly, with Understatement, you won’t get disappointed with the collection. Their designers keep up with the aesthetic trends of the market to bring to you the most well-crafted lingerie collection ever.

Their collection fits everyone as the sizes range from S to XL. A few selected pieces are also available for XXL size. The best part about their collection is that it hardly goes out of stock. The products you wishlist will be there for you whenever you want to buy them. Whether the color palette, seasonal designs, aesthetic patterns, or trendy cuts, their collection will never fail to awe you!

Jaw-Dropping Seasonal Designs

Understatement launched a glamorous Valentine’s special lingerie collection on the month of love. It made the ladies immensely happy. Every piece in the collection screamed love and joy, matching the season’s vibes perfectly. It’s not just about Valentine’s Day. Understatement comes with new designs for every season, and you won’t believe and trust us, each piece is uniquely beautiful. They use a wide variety of colors in their collection so that everyone can pick something of their choice.

After the launch of their winter and Valentine’s collection, soon they are going to introduce their new summer collection. Every year they add new bright colors to their summer collection. When you add dazzling colors of lingerie to your wardrobe, you feel a sense of joy that fills your life with positivity. Similarly, they produce undergarments for all other seasons and moods. So whatever be the occasion, you can add a new Understatement piece to your lingerie collection!

Their Premium Collection – Line Extensions

Besides premium underwire bras and silhouette collections, Understatement also launches product groups. For instance, their recent swimwear collection, the AQUAHOLIC, takes it by storm. The premium swimwear collection uses Econyl fiber so that you can feel the touch of the waves while being comfortable.

Another signature collection introduced by Undergarment includes the SLACKER. If you are a fan of laid-back dressing, this collection will make you feel elated. The detailing shows how the brand emphasizes effortless styling, taking lingerie fashion to the next level. You can wear this collection all day long to feel good from inside and out!

Sustainability Promise from Understatement

For Understatement, sustainability means much more than just showing off some ticks of meeting the quality requirements. They want to meet the requirements for real! Understatement tries to win the heart and soul of each customer by manufacturing undergarments that look great, feel good, and last long. Their dedication helps them create undergarments of such premium quality that outshines the void claims made by brands that do not understand a woman’s exact needs.

The brand wants to create a world for women who wish to fly high without abiding by the rules of society. They want them to feel comfortable at every stage of life. Their goal is to make undergarments that are affordable, durable, and stylish, all at once!

Understatement Collaborations

Understatement believes in collaborating with women with the same thought line as theirs. They collaborate with beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. A woman, who knows how to love their body, takes pride in their achievements, and inspires other girls around is the top pick of Understatement. Their campaigns are dedicated to all breathtaking women like you!

They support the UN to meet its goal of creating a discrimination-free world for women. Understatement does so by contributing a percentage of our profits to organizations that work for the welfare of women.

We believe Understatement has the power to bring revolution in the world of undergarments for women by introducing comfort and style together. So if your wardrobe needs a few new pieces of lingerie, then you should definitely check out their website and grab their latest collection. Steal style, comfort, and confidence without waiting any further. What color and design of undergarments do you love wearing the most? We are excited to know!