When thinking about enhancing your smile’s aesthetics, you are given a couple of options. Usually, if you want to stick to your natural teeth, braces and Invisalign are the options. However, if there is no hope for your teeth to be treated, there are artificial teeth solutions that can help flash your best smile. Still, if you want your teeth to look as from the dental ads, then here are some pros and cons of braces and Invisalign. 


Invisalign is a form of clear teeth aligners, an orthodontic device, that can help you correct your smile. Crooked teeth can be treated by these invisible braces, which are custom-made molded plastic devices that apply considerable pressure to teeth, similar to the regular braces, and will lead your teeth to the right position. People love Invisalign because of its clear design which is more discreet than regular metal braces. In contrast to metal braces, clear Invisalign fits your teeth tightly and is practically invisible. This design is the reason why most people choose these clear aligners instead of metal braces. On the site of a dentist specialized in Invisalign in Woodbury NY, you can find all the necessary information about these dental devices, and how to book a visit. It is important to be properly informed before making a final decision. 

Hard and Chewy Foods 

People wearing braces are quite limited with the foods they can eat and they should avoid hard and chewy foods in the first place; foods like nuts, bagels, popcorn, and other chewy foods like candies. On the other hand, people wearing transparent aligners must take them off before eating, and hence, they do not have to avoid any of these foods. 


Although clear aligners sit tightly to your teeth, they allow you an unmatched amount of comfort in comparison to the traditional metal braces. One of the best benefits of aligners is that you can take them off and put them back whenever you feel the need. However, it is important to bear in mind that you should wear them regularly if you want visible results. 

Brushing and Flossing 

Brushing and flossing with regular braces is impossible without specialized toothbrushes and dental devices. Now, with dental devices such as transparent aligners, it is much easier to function. You can easily remove them, do your regular brushing and flossing and place them back. Hence, there is no need for lengthy and boring teeth care processes as is the case with metal braces. 

Cons of Invisalign

Besides all the good sides of transparent aligners, there are some cons you should be aware of. 

Tooth Brushing 

If you are the one with poor dental hygiene, then you should not consider getting an Invisalign since it can cause bad breath. When wearing plastic aligners, your brushing time will double or triple. You must brush your teeth after every meal and snack before putting this device back again. 

Complex Interventions 

Transparent teeth aligners are not suitable for complex corrections and are usually worn by people who need minor interventions. On the other hand, it is the best option to consult your dentist before you decide to go with the aligners instead of metal braces. 

Metal Braces 

Metal braces are traditional dental devices used for teeth straightening ever since, but with some contemporary solutions, most people decide to use clear aligners instead of braces. Here are the detailed cons and pros of regular braces. 

Complex Interventions 

Unlike transparent aligners, metal braces work for complex interventions and will by force put to place teeth that require to be straightened. Metal braces apply force for every tooth individually and therefore result in the brightest smile, even in the most complex cases. 

Safe for Every Beverage 

You cannot remove metal braces, but you are free to drink all beverages including coffee, tea, and wine. Braces do not stain and are resistant to high temperatures so they will not be damaged no matter what beverage you consume. 

Whole Variety of Choices 

The best thing about metal braces is that you can choose among the different designs and there are even on-budget choices. If you are down to some more discreet options, then there are behind-teeth and ceramic braces. 

Cons of Metal Braces 

Even though metal braces can solve even the worst dental circumstances, there are some cons to them. Firstly, metal braces cause huge mouth discomfort. At the very beginning, they can be painful and make cuts inside your mouth. Secondly, braces do not have pretty aesthetics and are pretty noticeable by others. Lastly, you are limited with foods you can eat, especially if these foods are chewy and hard. 

There are numerous reasons for both of these dental devices. However, which one you will get mainly depends on the current circumstances and your teeth. According to this reliable dentist in Midtown Manhattan, mild cases would usually only require an Invisalign treatment, while severe teeth misalignment would need traditional braces. One way or another, it’s best to visit your dentist for professional advice and other options.Either way, your perfect smile will be right around the corner no matter what you choose.