Marijuana is derived from the dried flowers, stems, leaves, and seeds of the cannabis plant, while the compressed resin of the cannabis flower produces hashish. Cannabis, marijuana, and hashish vary in potency, type, and quality. 

Usually greenish or slightly greyish, marijuana is smoked through blunts, joints, or a water pipe. When infused in drinks or food, this plant material is called edibles. Hash is considered the most concentrated and potent cannabis consumed via chewing, smoking, or swallowing. 

Slang Terminologies

The plant material content of marijuana makes it less potent, while hashish’s extracted resin has higher THC levels. Cannabis, marijuana, and hashish will achieve psychoactive effects if you consume more and go a long way with one hit.

Cannabis, also known as marijuana along with hashish, are commonly referred to by the following listed slang words or street names:

Mary Jane

The universal word for marijuana in most parts of the world is Mary Jane. Spanish smokers sometimes refer to cannabis as Maria, while in the French accent, it is Marie Jeanne. 


A slang term for cannabis and marijuana is a weed that can often be mistaken for unwanted wild plants that grow in competition with their cultivated counterparts. In contrast, cannabis is much wanted, which explains the fast-growing recreational market surrounding it. The Indian term, Ganja, is also synonymous with weed in the West.


Pot is another slang for marijuana and cannabis, but this pot has no connection with your kitchen accessories. The Spanish word potaguaya or potiguaya, which refers to brandy or wine in which the marijuana buds or flower is steeped, is shortened to pot. 

This Spanish term means “the drink of grief,” which is the complete opposite of the effect marijuana has on the human body.


Most of the cannabis accessible in the last century (between the 1960s and 1970s) was of inferior quality and had a green tinge resembling grass blades. In the sacred text of the Hindus, cannabis is referred to as holy grass. The latter is medicinally plus ritually used as an offering, while recreational marijuana is often symbolic for promoting activism.


Dope which is loosely used to indicate an incredible feeling is also slang for marijuana. It can be consumed in food form within a cookie, brownie, or lollipop. The growing trend of ingesting this recreational drug has skyrocketed the cannabis industry to the fastest growing.

To camouflage the use of hashish, addicts commonly use its slang terms, including bhang, charas, Norwegian wood, fudge, and black hash. Slang terms are often resorted to by those who abuse cannabis and are addicted to it. 

You can recognize such addicts because they display visible symptoms like bloodshot eyes. Decrease in motivation, withdrawing from associating with loved ones, memory loss, neglecting responsibilities, and mood swings are other signs of marijuana abuse.

Slang terms are also associated with getting high on marijuana. These include:

  • Blasting
  • Firing one up
  • Hitting the hay
  • Smoking trees
  • Blazing
  • Torching up
  • Burning one down
  • Mowing the grass
  • Blowing

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