Cannabis is a controversial plant. Whatever your opinions are on it, however, its medical benefits cannot be ignored. Studies show that the plant can be used to treat a range of different physical and mental health disorders ranging from anxiety to depression and even epilepsy. The plant has been legalized in most U.S. states and at a federal level. Canada has also completely legalized it, recreationally and medicinally.

If you are interested in using it to treat your anxiety, then this post will tell you everything you need to know:

Preparing Yourself

Before you can take up medicinal Cannabis use you are going to need to invest in some additional equipment. The accouterments you need to use Cannabis are a grinder, papers, a roach card, and a lighter. There is a large herb grinder selection for you to choose from online, making finding one very straightforward. An alternative to smoking Cannabis is vaping it. Vaping is a popular form of Cannabis consumption among young people nowadays. Studies suggest it is much safer than smoking. That being said, vaping is also a lot more expensive and it doesn’t have the same kick that smoking does.

Researching Strains

There are two main strains of the Cannabis plant, Indica, and Sativa. Hybrid strains are strains that are grown by breeding Indica and Sativa plants. Studies show that Indica is the best strain for individuals who are suffering from anxiety. The reason behind this is that Indica has higher levels of CBD or Cannabidiol. The Indica high is relaxed, subdued, and subtle. The Sativa high on the other hand is often described as being a ‘body high.’ Users of Sativa report feeling energized and active. For anxious people, Sativa’s high can be uncomfortable.

Acquiring a Prescription

Depending on where you live you could have to get a prescription in order to legally use medicinal Cannabis. Attempting to use the drug to treat your anxiety if it is not legal where you live could get you into a lot of trouble. Cannabis is still a controlled drug in some places, meaning possession and distribution can result in arrest. Assuming the plant is legalized medicinally in your state or country, all you need to do is visit your physician and explain to them what your symptoms are, and why you think Cannabis can help you.

Drug Reactions

Cannabis can react with some drugs. If you are currently being treated for anxiety with pharmaceutical anti-anxiety drugs then before using Cannabis it is important to find out whether or not there are any known reactions between the drugs you use and Cannabis. While serious drug reactions are unlikely, Cannabis can sometimes clash with anti-anxiety drugs and temporarily worsen people’s conditions. As a general rule, you should never use Cannabis simultaneously with sedative drugs or anti-anxiety drugs that cause a high. Speak to your doctor if you are unsure whether or not it is safe to use Cannabis with your current prescription drugs.

Finding Products

Once you are sure Cannabis is safe for you to use and you have identified a helpful strain, you can go ahead and find products to use. As you may already know, there are many different Cannabis products available today. Vapes are popular as are edibles. Edible Cannabis products are not recommended to people suffering from anxiety, however, as the high they produce is more akin to a hallucinogenic drug, which can worsen fears. Your local dispensary should have a wide range of products for you to choose from.

Dosing Safely

The downside to smoking Cannabis is that it can be hard to take specific doses. When you smoke it, there is no real science to dosing. With vaping and edible consumption, however, you can take exact doses. Many experts argue that vaping, in particular, is the best way for individuals suffering from anxiety to use Cannabis. Vaping enables them to treat Cannabis more like a pharmaceutical drug than a street one. Instead of getting insanely high, they can stagger use and try small amounts. One way of dosing yourself more effectively with Cannabis flowers is to use a pipe, which can help limit consumption.

Street Cannabis

In places where Cannabis has been legalized recreationally, there are usually no restrictions on people growing small amounts of the plant at home. Similarly, there are no restrictions on people selling the drug to friends on a small scale. It only becomes against the law to cultivate and sell Cannabis when individuals are handling large amounts. In such instances, growers and distributors need to acquire proper licenses. If you are using the drug to treat your anxiety then it is important not to buy street Cannabis. You can never be sure what chemicals or growth hormones have been used to grow street Cannabis, whereas dispensaries are legally required to disclose this information to customers.  

Public Smoking

Using Cannabis in public is against the law in most places, even ones where it has been legalized for recreational and medicinal use. The reason for this is that as an intoxicant, public smoking has the potential to get people high without their consent. As a consequence, it is essential you do not use the drug in public. If you are caught doing so you could get into a lot of trouble. Make sure that if you are going to smoke it outside of your home you do so in a quiet and secluded place, like the woods. If you are smoking at home then be courteous and respect your family member’s boundaries.

Alternative Treatments

Cannabis is not the only modern treatment for anxiety. Researchers and scientists have been able to develop novel treatments for conditions that do not involve the use of drugs. If drugs do interest you then it does need to be noted that some researchers have proposed the use of psychedelic drugs, like psilocybin mushrooms. Research indicates that psychedelic drugs have the power to completely reset a patient’s mind and resolve their anxiety. At this time, however, such drugs are illegal in the United States and should therefore not be used.

Suffering from anxiety can make a person’s life not worth living. The condition is characterized by fear, panic attacks, and an inability to concentrate. Unless you take steps to treat yours then your quality of life could suffer. Currently, studies suggest that Cannabis is a viable treatment for anxiety and is therefore something you should consider.