By Sydney Yeager | @dressedcodes

Gazing upon the models on catwalks is the mainstay of most fashion weeks, but after a while, it isn’t so much about taking in the details of the clothes but rather the other details that allow for a cohesive collection. In the early 2000s, the bridge between each look fell on that of hairstyles but as we enter a new decade the au natural look picked by many designers opened those not in the fashion industry to achieve the now far more accessible level of beauty marketed.

Thus our little beauty secret of Hairy Little Things enters the foray. A brand built on softly fluffed eyebrows, tinted lips, and lash lifts to enhance our own beauty rather than cover up the perceived flaws we all assume we have (when we really shouldn’t)! 

An overview of Hairy Little Things 

Hairy Little Things was created in 2017 by Alixandria Capparelli, a well-respected force within the beauty industry. Emphasizing the love of eyebrows and the intricate beauty of lashes, HLT will honor each hair on your face so that you will always appear effortless and well-groomed. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Paris Hilton and Bethany Frenkel the list of celebrities that turn to Alix when awards season begins is long. Trusting the praise, we can’t help but recommend that you book an appointment for a bit of self-care too- and after the last few years, who doesn’t need some? 

About Alixandria 

The beauty industry was always in Alix’s future as her mother was in the business herself and encouraged this form of self-expression through childhood. In 2010, Alix obtained her beautician license and from here she flew back and forth between coasts to assist top make-up artists. In 2012 she would strike out on her own as a founding member of Glam Squad before launching her first beauty service in the LA area, where she is from, in 2014. Fiercely dedicated to her craft, Hairy Little Things was born in 2017 from her single-minded passion and love of making women feel and look their best. 

Specialty Services

What makes Hairy Little Things different from other esthetician services is the dedication to natural beauty. Over time, eyebrow shapes have changed from heavily shaped to full and then back again. The same has occurred with lip tints, lash lifts and the full-service make-up application that is also available at HLT. And while all these constantly changing trends have found their way into the studio for various clientele, it’s the love of natural beauty and dedication to small details that keeps customers coming back for more. 

When entering into the caring space of either studio a multitude of these high-quality services will be offered to you. Along with the eyebrow shaping and lash lifts that are more heavily desired, the option of semi-permanent lip tinting and having a make-up artist at your disposal-who has already mastered the art of exacting eyeliner- is available for your beautification process. 

Where can you find Hairy Little Things? 

If you’ve stuck with me this far, then surely you’re just as tempted as me to test out HLT. And really, who wouldn’t be? Whether you plan to enter into the studio for the classic ‘fluff’ brow or the pale tinting of lips or their infamous lash services, you’ll be in good care. The two locations are situated in Southern California with studios in both West Hollywood and Newport Beach.

And even if you don’t live in this area, what better excuse for a vacation than a spa day that will make you look like a supermodel?