By Michele Smith
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While the view from an outsider (looking in at the modeling industry) one typically sees glitz and glamour.  Industry outsiders usually only see the result (print ad campaigns and models strutting down the runway). Truth be told all of my days start very early, involve a lot of running around and I try to get to bed at a reasonable time; just start the whole process all over again.

My day begins at 5:00 a.m., when my alarm goes off which means time to exercise. I love to go for a jog in the city. It is my favorite way to wake up in Manhattan, by going for a jog in Central Park.

My agent normally has my schedule for me the night before (even though it is always subject to change) and when I return home from my work out my bag is always ready to go. I always have an oversized bag complete with sneakers, whatever clothing is required for my first appointment and my phone charger. The sneakers are key for running around downtown Manhattan.

My day is spent running from appointment to appointment and once you run around town in heels once, I can personally assure you that you will not make that mistake again. The phone charger is also key even if I charge my phone the night before. There are always last minute scheduling changes and I have to make sure I am always available so my agent can reach me. This is also important, because I always want to be available for new work as well.

Finally yet importantly, I always make sure I pack a snack and always have a low-carb, high-protein breakfast before I leave.

Today my first appointment is a fitting for an upcoming show. The client is providing all of the clothing items and shoes, so I do not really have to worry about anything except for being on time. This is key, because models that are late are not usually rehired for work. It is also very important to anyone new in the industry to understand how to get around the city in the most effective manner possible.

I normally do not have time for lunch and enjoy my protein bar in between appointments. My appointments typically consist of fittings to actually jobs. For example, my next appointment is a photo shoot for a lingerie ad and they wanted me to show up with a clean face, with zero product in my hair. My agent calls and I need to quickly pop by the agency in between the two. They already called with a new job that I need to audition for.

At the end of the day, I am usually very hungry. I try to avoid any of the high-carb foods that are served on location and typically stick with chicken and veggies for dinner.  Last, I always try to go to bed early at a decent hour. Showing up with bags or dark circles for a photo shoot is never a good thing, which holds true for any model.