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The fashion world has been no stranger to silver screen icons for years; there are several movie stars who have made a prominent name for themselves. Many industry professionals have even argued that some of these famous individuals may be better suited for fashion design than starring on the silver screen in Hollywood. Either way, the following celebrity peeps are making their way in two of the most lucrative industries on the planet.

Jessica Simpson

While Jessica Simpson is known for her singing and acting career; her clothing line (hailed by fashion industry professionals) features her personal line of clothing, shoes, outerwear, perfume, jewellery and much, much, more. The Simpson line is very popular and sold at Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. The most popular angle of the Simpson line is that the designer branded fashion with affordable, which even earned her as a spot as a judge on the NBC reality show, Fashion Show.

celebrity fashion designers
celebrity fashion designers

Sarah Jessica Parker

Who doesn’t love the most favourite fashion icon and star of the long-running show Sex in the City, along with the subsequent movies? What many non-fashion insiders do not realize, as the favourite “Carrie Bradshaw” Sex in the City celebrity, also exhibits her fashion sense off of the big screen (yes, we all want her shoes, don’t we?). Sarah Jessica Parker launched her first line in 2007, Bitten, at Steven & Barry’s, although now a defunct American sportswear chain. In 2014, however, she launched a very popular shoe and handbag line at Nordstrom’s wear, where she did quite well with purses ranging up to the $400’s. The line was reviewed well by many fashion industry experts, and for all of the Carrie Bradshaw fans out there, they could not be more thrilled.celebrity fashion designers


Material Girl a Top 40 favourite by many in the early 1980’s not only moved a decade of fans, the music sensation continued to inspire, change a recreation in her career to have a platinum of adoring fans through the last several decades. Most do not know however, that this “material girl” also was dabbling in the fashion industry. Madonna dabbled with H&M and Dolce & Gabbana in 2007, while she created a line after her “Material Girl” with her daughter Lourdes and created a teenage line that Macy’s shoppers wouldn’t even accept (think bold and teenage acceptable). When Truth or Dare made an appearance, Madonna also designed a sexy lingerie line, a fragrance, elegant shoes for adults and a racy fragrance also completely in line with Truth or Dare.

celebrity fashion designers

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These above women have taken their celebrity Hollywood careers and have dabbled in the fashion industry to an important degree. Stay tuned for future lines from these amazing women.