Just as sexy as the low-cut tops on the chest, the backless crop top is making a comeback at the same time as the beautiful days and does not fail to seduce us. But how do adopt this trend?

This season, the neckline is adopted both in front of the chest and behind the back. Indeed, the backless crop top is once again making its mark with a lot of sensuality and elegance in our summer wardrobes. Get ready to reveal your shoulder blades and spine in slit tops or pretty cutouts that strip your back in a very sexy way.

A fashion detail that is enough to make all the difference when the weather comes and that is a little easier to wear than an exaggerated cut in the chest. Want to try your hand at a bareback top? Here are some ideas of models to crack on as well as several ways to wear them with style.

Which backless crop top to choose for spring and summer 2022 and beyond?

Trend requires, that the backless crop top is available in many ways and all have different types of opening. We find them on all the basics of our wardrobe that we love: blouses, airy blouses, very simple T-shirts, tank tops and crop-tops of all kinds, knit sweaters…

The back is revealed with more or less discretion depending on your desires but also the type of top chosen. Some openings are frank and bare your entire back while others manifest themselves more subtly through a small slit, a cutout, thin straps that cross, a plunging neckline on the back, with a V-cut that goes down almost to the buttocks. It’s up to you to choose how you want to highlight your back arch.

The golden rules for wearing your bare back well:

To be classy with a bareback top, the ideal is that the bra is not visible and therefore not to wear one. If that bothers you, there is special lingerie for halter tops. Also, think about nipple covers or adhesives for example. If your bare back doesn’t dip down your back, you can count on ultra-plunging bras and crop tops.

We avoid wearing this kind of top with a jacket that could hide everything and therefore ruin everything. Halter tops (depending on the style you’ve selected) can be worn day or night. So, you can match them with casual pieces like jeans, a mini skirt or short shorts or with something much dressier like dress two piece pants and top set, a pleated skirt or a palazzo… Focus all the attention on the top and play the most soberly on the rest of the outfit.

How to make a backless tank top garment practical and pleasant to wear?

The plunging necklines in the back are beautiful and have the most beautiful effect, but for the office, it is better to adopt a slightly softer style. A small rounded neckline or energized by a bow can go perfectly with jeans, canvas trousers, or a close-fitting skirt, for a stylish and comfortable outfit.

If you plan to wear a very plunging neckline, the garment should fully cover your legs to maintain elegance and refinement.

Who can wear bare backs with charm and grace?

The backless tanktop and round morphology are very well compatible! You just have to choose your neckline well and adapt it so that it only shows what you want to show. As with the bust neckline, the back neckline adjusts to the silhouette: a simple slit on each side may be required to refine the waist. And, on the contrary, a wide opening in the center may be perfect to reveal beautiful shoulder blades or a well-shaped spine. right. A large plunging neckline, with a V-shaped tip, for example, lengthens and gives you height…

Some important tips to note:

Before starting this summer top, here are our little practical tips for wearing your most beautiful bare no-stress outfits!

  • If you have a small breast do not hesitate to wear it without a bra, your back will be much prettier. You will not have any unsightly traces of tan on the horizon!
  • For the more modest among you, there are “adhesive shells” (here and there) to take advantage of chest support and a bareback! There are even some in lace.
  • The Bodysuit trend is also available in a backless version: to wear the backless without stress.
  • Accessorize your halter top with a back jewel! You will have the dressiest and most refined back there is.

When to adopt a square neckline?

Everything will depend on your morphology. Right angles limit the depth of the neckline and make you look more muscular. If, on the contrary, your shoulders are very square, it is better to soften the lines with rounded shapes.

Why a back neckline rather than a chest neckline?

Small chests and narrow shoulders have every interest in preferring a low back that will encourage them to look at another part of the body. Solado advises you not to choose a top that is too tight to leave room for the imagination and above all to leave you free to move.

Which accessories enhance a bareback?

The accessories are different depending on the time of day and your activity. However, some appear essential and obvious with a low back. For example, avoid mistakes in taste by mixing opposing styles: the bare back is feminine and sensual.

The open back is the chic and sensual part of a dressing room! With the arrival of fine weather (and hot weather), it gradually makes its appearance.

While waiting to be able to show off in a bareback all summer, start by renewing your collection by taking a look at our selection on Solado.com.