For many people, purchasing products from a world-famous beauty brand is a safe bet. For others, though, the opportunity to try a fresh brand in the space is mightily attractive, especially if they’ve yet to truly find their favourite product. As such, people around the world are currently obsessed with a selection of new beauty brands that are aiming to disrupt this particular space thanks to an array of excellent products. 

Some up-and-coming beauty brands can cater to the most discerning of customers, too. After all, while cult beauty brands that have millions of recommendations and countless 5-star ratings behind them can be trusted, they won’t necessarily suit you and your look in the best way possible. Additionally, some major brands won’t enable you to nail your fancy dress theme either, be it a famous pop singer or a cat queen, similar to the ancient Egyptian creature featured in the Cat Queen casino game. Fresh and emerging brands have the capability to cater to any look while also adding to what is a heavily saturated market with an exciting and occasionally innovative offering. 

While some brands hog the limelight and don’t deserve the hype they’re constantly receiving, there are others that most definitely do. Some of them are recently created, too, creating an exciting category of fashion for people to explore further. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a selection of new beauty brands that deserve all the hype they’re currently getting. 

Epara Skincare

Offering a selection of stunning products that contain a range of opulent formulations made with Africa’s most esteemed botanicals and essential oils, Epara Skincare is receiving plenty of plaudits at the moment. Founded by Ozohu Adoh Formed Epara, the brand claims to make your skin glow like no other brand out there. Judging by the glowing references and the hype the brand is receiving, Epara Skincare could be for you, too. 


Drawing inspiration from ancient Roman and Chinese beauty practices, Orogold is a luxury skincare brand that leans into the many beautifying properties of gold. The OROGOLD  24K Deep Peel, for example, is a gentle peeling solution formulated with mandelic acid and gold to provide a brighter, firmer complexion. While it’s certainly not a drugstore choice, if you love some indulgence in your skincare routine, Orogold might find its way on your radar.


Since it was founded in 2021 by a couple of skincare-obsessed friends, Sundree is now flourishing a year later. A new personal care collection, the brand offers serums and masks in particular, although its range is constantly expanding. This particular brand is suitable for people with skin conditions like acne, too.

Nuria BeautyImage

After being created in 2018, Nuria Beauty has gone from strength to strength. A sustainable brand offering natural ingredients, Nuria Beauty is a favoured choice for many people at the moment, particularly those who are after a more neutral look. This particular brand offers that, while also providing well-made products that will moisturise, hydrate and de-puff your skin. 


Founded by two females who experienced skin issues in their youth, Topicals is aimed at all skin types as it hopes to break the trend of limited makeup brands and bring out products that can be worn in style by everyone. Offering products that are fuelled by medicated botanicals, this diverse brand offers superb products that are suitable for all. Not many beauty brands can claim that, can they? Topicals, we salute you! 

LYS Beauty

Founded by Tisha Thompson, LYS Beauty champions self-love through a selection of excellent products. Alongside its array of beauty-themed offerings, the brand aims to fuel confidence and inspire people who decide to endorse it. LYS Beauty isn’t a brand everyone will be aware of, but it’s certainly rising to prominence right now, especially recently after being the first Black-owned clean beauty line stocked in Sephora. 

Other brands that deserve the hype include SIIA Cosmetics, Vegamour, Danessa Myricks Beauty, KETISH, Shani Darden, Hello Klean, 54 Thrones, Bread Beauty Supply, and Merit.