People apply makeup for various reasons, with the common one being to enhance their appearance. According to research, 106.88 million women use it worldwide, indicating its popularity. Well-applied makeup has the power to boost your confidence while enhancing natural features with the help of skin tone colors and applicators. Sometimes, however, things can go wrong in your routine and mar the overall outcome you hoped for. Here are some common makeup mistakes and how to fix them.

Foundation Issues

The wrong kind of foundation can make you look older, among other effects. Many people choose the wrong foundation shade because they lack the skill or expertise to choose the best one for their skin tone. Makeup foundation can be too light, too dark, or, more commonly, too heavy for your facial features. Believe it or not, this can throw off your entire look, and you may not achieve your desired look. The best way to check for foundation is to test them on your writs or jawline. Testing different shades in these areas helps you determine which ones blend seamlessly with your skin tone and come off as natural even though you have makeup on. Avoid testing foundation shades at night or in artificial lighting, as that can skew your perception. Instead, test them in natural light to provide an accurate look to help you choose the best one. If you discover your foundation to be too light, a bronzer will come in handy to get the right tone for your skin type. Always remember to blend your makeup foundation into your neck for a natural look.

Clumpy Mascara and Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever tried using your mascara only to have it come in clumps on your lashes? It may happen due to your mascara reaching its expiry date. The other likely reason is a wrong application to your lashes or failure to prep those thin hairs before coating them. Your gorgeous eyelash extension can turn into a makeup mishap when you run into these problems. In many cases, all you need is an eyelash extension pre treatment to provide the right prep. Start by gently combing out the lashes with a spoolie before applying the pre-treatment. The idea here is to separate the hairs to provide the right platform for the product. That should be followed up by a high-quality mascara to provide volume and definition to your eye area. The trick is to begin with a thin layer before gradually adding a bit more to enhance your eye makeup.

Overdoing The Blush

You probably know this, but overapplying your blush involves using too much color on your cheekbones. If you experience this, you can fix it by wiping it with a clean makeup sponge or brush. That will take off the excess and leave behind the right degree of intensity you want your blush to project. Avoid cleaning too hard, as that may end up taking a good layer of your foundation or concealer if you have them on. The trick to applying blush is to use the gradual buildup technique. Use a little from the start and build the intensity to achieve your desired look. Too much at the beginning will fail to achieve the natural glow you want on your cheekbones.