By Michele Smith
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Who wants to look like a model? Most people would like to start their day looking absolutely fabulous. There are a few tips a tricks behind the scenes to make anyone look runway ready if they are a supermodel or not. Many of these suggestions may be quite obvious and the others may be on the shocking side. Either way, be prepared to look utterly gorgeous, model or not.

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse away

If this is in any way unclear, simply wash your face. The biggest challenge that most photographers face (no pun intended) is leftover makeup from the night before. Always make sure to remove your makeup and use a high quality moisturizer. When previous makeup is left piled on, you end up with less radiant skin hands down.

Hydrate instead of dehydrate

Drinking water is key. A partiers face is not one that a makeup artist or professional photographer want to deal with. Blood shot and dehydrated eyes are not an easy fix to say the least. While this may not be a makeup tip, eye drops and cumber slices are hardly a fix here, so stick to water, water and more water.

Makeup remover is multi-useful

This is a secret makeup artist trip for perfect lips (or close to perfect for that matter). Typically by week 4 of fashion week, most models lips are quite chapped. This is also great advice if you are an avid skier. When you have chapped lips, apply a layer of makeup remover and then apply lip balm. Repeat the exact same proceeded with a heavier layer of lip balm and Viola – healthy looking lips.

Moisturizer is your friend when used correctly

Most women know to apply a nice layer of this when it comes to bedtime, however pre makeup most women tend to fail in this department.. The key to using moisturizer before applying makeup is to give the moisturizer some time to soak in. Yes, we are all on the go, but if you give this process a couple of minutes your makeup will actually stay on your face and not slide off.

Ice, ice baby

Yes, we are not talking Vanilla here, but this is a surefire way to look fresh thanks courtesy to your freezer. This trick is quite simple. Take a couple of ice cubes from your freezer, wrap them in a paper towel and apply them all over your face paying particular attention to your eyes. The result is fresh, fresh, fresh.

Use multiple colors … a little known foundation secret

Most makeup artists swear that there isn’t a perfect makeup base and they use multiple to create the perfect look without looking overly caked on. Many people are under the misconception that one particular foundation color works for your whole face, when in actuality using a couple of different products is more effective in creating a flawless look. Everyone has their own unique formally, but the lesson here is combo is key.