By Jessica Frost

We lust after the clothes, take notes on the hair and makeup and ogle the spectacular sets at fashion week. But none of it would be possible without the line-up of models who run frantically between shows and give up sleep for the week to strut their way down the runways.

It’s one of the biggest weeks of a models career and also one of the most hectic, fun, exciting and nerve racking experiences. To give us a taste of what it’s all like from the perspective of a first timer, we caught up with model Charlotte (@char_white) from FiveTwenty Management.

She’s no stranger to the lens of a camera but the closing runway of the week, Camilla, was the young models first time walking the catwalk at fashion week.   fashion week

So Charlotte, can you start by giving us a bit of an intro about yourself? Where are you from? What do you get up to when you aren’t modelling?

I’m from Adelaide and still live there. I also lived in Malaysia for three years when I was younger. Whenever I’m not at school or being dead set weird with my mates you’ll find me on a court whacking a volleyball. I train/play seven times a week which keeps me active. I also play percussion which involves banging the drums or playing the triangle in my school band. I’m half way through completing year 11.

Have you always wanted to be a model?  How’d you get into it?

I remember trying to push my two sisters out of the way of a photo or video but never thought about modelling until a friend of mine needed a ‘model’ for a school project late last year. Stacey Hendrickson, Co-owner of Azalea Models noticed my Facebook DP and contacted me through messenger.  I signed with Azalea Models followed by FiveTwenty Management with Laura Devereux.

What was it like going to your first castings for Fashion Week and getting that call to book you in?

Castings for fashion week is hands down the most intimidating, yet rewarding thing I’ve done to date. Standing in a line surrounded by gorgeous, fit, girls who all want to book the same shows as you is daunting. To get to the front of the line and to only have a couple of minutes to impress the casting directors with a short walk, a few words and my comp card makes it all seem unreal. It’s such a thrill receiving an email for a call back or a fitting and even more so to get the job.

fashion week first timer
fashion week first timer

Did your routine change much in order to get prepared?  Did you make changes to your beauty or fitness routine in the lead up to Fashion Week?

I don’t think my routine changed that much.  I tried to get to bed early, drank lots of water and practiced my walk whenever I found myself in a corridor. I made time to head to a gym in Sydney to do some light weight training. I continued to eat as normal and made sure I had healthy snacks on hand in case there was no time to stop to get something.

Can you tell us a bit about a typical workout and skincare regimen for you?

I love to keep active whether its playing a sport, a weights session or simply going for a run with my sisters and dog. I cleanse my skin every day, exfoliate face and body twice a week and treat myself to a moisture rich mask on weekends (when I’m not feeling lazy). I moisturise a lot and slather on sun screen during summer.  Keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water is great for the skin also.

Tell us what it was like being backstage getting ready to go out onto the runway for the first time. Were you nervous, excited, relaxed?

Walking backstage was so exciting! I was handed a lanyard; this was actually happening. To basically summarise it… hairspray, beauty blenders, more hairspray, LOTS of people and food.  I spent six hours backstage getting my hair and makeup done. It gave me time to meet other models, talk to the ones I knew and take some photos. Before making my first appearance on the runway, all I could think was “don’t face plant”.

And after you finished your first show, how were you feeling?

After the final walk I felt elated. You could not wipe the grin off my face. During rehearsals everyone is calm but on edge but by the end of the show, there’s such a crazy energy. Adrenaline is running high. Jolyon Mason put on a spectacular show that showcased Camilla’s designs on models of all ages and ethnicities. It was a privilege to be part of the closing show for fashion week.

Finally, what’s next for you?  

I haven’t particularly thought about what’d I’d like to do next. I’m a person who likes to take things day by day. I am looking forward to traveling to the US in July though.