By Jenni Sellan

Bree Warren the Australian born, and New York based model is on a mission to ‘bring body confidence back to babes around the world’. And all eyes are watching, as she became the first plus size model to walk the runway at MBFWA in Sydney, cast by Luxe Swimwear label Duskii.

On their decision to cast Bree, “Bree is an absolute stunner and the perfect Duskii girl. Duskii is obtainable for all girls”.  And to that end, certainly one of the outcomes of inclusivity and diversity on the runway is to make fashion accessible and relevant for everyone!

bree warren duskii
bree warren duskii

Taking to instagram, Bree declared this “a new era”! And we couldn’t agree more so we had a chat to bree about this milestone in Australian Fashion and fell even more in love with her! Here’s what she had to say;

MBFWA was a big personal goal for me and I’m so grateful that Duskii made that happen! As a surfer and someone who genuinely loves swimwear, I still remember being blown away when I saw that first iconic Duskii wetsuit a few years ago so to walk for them this year was a dream! The response has been so positive – I think most people find it relatable to see a body like mine on the runway. 

I am really proud and excited that we are starting to see some diversity in Australian fashion. Given what is already happening at overseas fashion weeks and in magazines around the world, I think it’s a very necessary step in the right direction.  

I know that diversity and plus size models have been talked about a lot recently, but I don’t think this is a trend. It is a change for the future and it is here to stay. I want young girls to grow up seeing a range of different body types and for that to be the norm.

It’s not about being overweight either. I think there is this crazy misconception that all plus models are unhealthy and that’s just not true. My body has always been this way and I have learnt that it is something I should respect and celebrate.

I could never be super thin – no matter how little I ate. It just would not be possible. I’m tall, I’m healthy and I’m in proportion. I know that so many women spend so much time hating their bodies and it breaks my heart. I really believe in what I’m doing and I really hope that I can help change things for the next generation. 

bree warren duskii
bree warren duskii

Being the only “plus size’ model at a premier fashion events is no small thing and the walk for Bree a significant step personally and for the Fashion Industry in Australia as it secures it’s position in what is a continuing and relevant global discussion and Bree Warren has quite literally walked the talk;
As penned by the Sydney Morning Herald, “the march toward diversity continues”.

Unapologetically celebrating the diversity of beauty regardless of size and growing in influence around the globe, Bree is in good company as she joins a host of other influential plus size models spreading the body positive message, including some of our faves, Ashley Graham and Candice Huffine.

You have to watch these Aussie girls, there’s no stopping them and they are the ones we love to watch.
MBFWA, we’ll have more like this one please!


bree warren duskii