Here Are 5 Things to Know

When it comes to beauty salon services, there are so many for you to try, so it can be hard to know what works and what is worth your hard-earned cash. 

Brazilian blowouts have been around over the past couple of years, and their skyrocketing popularity doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. 

If you are considering getting a Brazilian blowout, here are five things you should know.

1. The Brazilian blowout originated in (you guessed it)… Brazil! 

Brazil has a humid climate which can be challenging for those with curly hair, so it makes sense that the Brazilian blowout originated there. First created in 2005, this professional semi-permanent hair smoothing treatment has spread all around the world as more individuals learn about the benefits it provides. 

This incredible hair treatment works by applying liquid keratin to the hair, which then binds to the hair to create a protective layer. This process ensures frizz is gone and the hair cuticles are sealed and protected from damage. Once you have had a Brazilian blowout, your hair looks shiny and healthy and feels soft and hydrated

2. There are numerous benefits to having a Brazilian blowout. 

The primary purpose of opting for a Brazilian blowout is to make your hair less of a burden to deal with each morning. This doesn’t mean that you have to lose your natural curls or go pin-straight. You can still maintain a voluminous body (if you want), but you will be able to cut down on how much effort you exert each day to manage it. 

Therefore, a significant benefit for those who opt for a Brazilian blowout is that you can reduce the amount of hair care products you regularly use and decrease the time you spend drying and styling your hair. And, even though you are cutting down the time and energy spent on your hair, you will still find yourself with salon-quality hair every day. 

Additionally, for those looking to grow their hair, a Brazilian blowout can help as the treatment combats split ends. When your split ends are taken care of, you’ll find that you don’t need haircuts as frequently, making it quicker for your hair to grow. 

Unlike other hair treatments, you can go immediately back to your normal life after getting your Brazilian blowout. Once you leave the salon, you can tie it back, style it, and wash it as soon as you want. This is a huge benefit for busy ladies who need their hair treatments to align with their lifestyles. 

3. The treatment doesn’t take very long. 

Given how effective the treatment is, you may be surprised to learn that it only takes about an hour to do a Brazilian blowout. While the exact time depends on how long and thick your hair is, you aren’t going to have to sacrifice lots of time to get a Brazilian blowout done. 

The treatment starts with your hairstylist shampooing your hair a couple of times to ensure that all product is removed. This also prepares the hair to be a base on which the Brazilian Blowout treatment can adhere. Once this has been done, your stylist will start applying the special formula to your hair section by section. 

After this, they will blow-dry your hair smooth and then use a flat iron to seal the formula into your hair. The next step is to rinse out the treatment before applying a deep conditioning mask. Last but not least, your hair will be blow-dried smooth, and you will be ready to leave the salon!

4. Brazilian blowouts work for all types of hair. 

One of the best things about this hair treatment is that it can be performed on all hair types, whether straight, curly, fine, thick, damaged, or healthy. Also, Brazilian blowouts can be done on colored and natural hair. In fact, many people decide (on the same day!) to get their hair colored before following it up with a Brazilian blowout. This is recommended as your hair cuticles are already open from the coloring. 

The Brazilian blowout can be tailored to your hair type due to its mild formula. As long as you go to a reputable salon, you can be assured that they will be able to tailor the Brazilian blowout to your hair’s needs and that it will be safe and effective. 

When you go to your favorite salon in Dubai, you can decide how straight you want your hair to be

Once the treatment has been done, your stylist will seal it with a flat iron. The straighter you want your hair to be, the more the stylist will flat iron it. This makes the treatment even more customizable because you can opt to tame your frizz but keep your hair curly or make it completely straight. You just have to discuss it with your stylist! 

Moreover, this hair treatment is not as permanent as others on the market, so you can always ask for a different amount of heat next time. 

5. Your Brazilian blowout will last for months. 

Generally, your Brazilian blowout should last up to four months. To ensure you get the maximum amount of time from the treatment, forego any shampoos that contain sulfates and chlorine as these chemicals can interfere. 

When the treatment begins to wear off, your hair will start to go back to its natural curl pattern – starting with the hairline. Around this time, you want to get the treatment done again. 

However, even if you wait to get it touched up, you won’t see an evident line of separation between the previously treated hair and new growth. This is yet another benefit of choosing a Brazilian Blowout over other hair treatments. 

It is customizable, safe, easy to maintain, and effective at getting you the hair you want – daily. So, what’s not to love about the Brazilian blowout? 

Are you considering trying out a Brazilian blowout? Why or why not? What do you think the benefits would be for you?