The Basics Explained

Influencer marketing is big business for leading brands. By the end of this year, the market will be worth over $16 billion. So don’t make the mistake of thinking influencing is a mere hobby. It’s a lucrative, long-term career option.

But before you start to make waves as an influencer, it’s worth learning a few critical steps you’ll need to take. Here is how to become an Instagram influencer and have brands lining up to work with you. 

Find the Perfect Niche 

The most successful influencers thrive because they’ve found a distinct niche

That will help you attract a targeted, unique audience, making you a more attractive prospect to brands operating within that niche.

Plus, producing content on a niche topic you love is more fun, rewarding, and easier to do. 

Start by listing topics you enjoy on social media, and write another list of your talents and qualities (especially if you want to become an Instagram model).

You’ll find your perfect niche when you list a topic that crossed both lists. 

Create a Profile 

If you want to make money as an influencer, your account needs to look the part! That means creating an exciting and engaging profile that is authentic.

It must explain what topic you post on and why you are passionate about it. Later, when your account is up and running, you can add a link to your contact details to tell brands how to get in touch with you. 

Draft a Content Calendar 

You might feel tempted to start filling your feed with lots of content. But before you do that, create a plan or calendar. That should outline what you tend to post and when.

It’s a great way to focus your mind and ensure you are only ever taking photos and videos that will produce the highest-quality posts. Content should be relevant to your niche, and you must never go off-topic.

And always keep up to date with some photo editing tips that can make your content stand out, like a background remover

Grow Your Audience 

Once your content calendar is in place, it’s time to start growing your audience. While great content is essential, it’s not the only tool at your disposal.

You’ll need to engage with other users on Instagram by chatting in the comments section for popular posts. And you can also link up with other influencers to share or exchange shoutouts between your accounts. 

You can also invest some of your budget to increase your engagement and fanbase. Do some research on how to buy Instagram likes and incorporate that strategy into your content to grow your reach. For instance, you can use organic Instagram growth services to help introduce your content to a wider audience.

Set Your Terms 

Take control over your relationship with brands by explaining your terms, such as posting methods and fees, from the outset.

It’s worth creating a dedicated webpage so that potential brands can find out what you have to offer before they get in touch with you. 

Get Some Testimonials 

There is one question all brands will have before they choose to work with you: is it worth it? They will want to know their money goes a long way.

So publish several testimonials or case studies. Talk about what reach you got for the posts and – if possible – the ROI achieved by the brand. 

Become an Instagram Influencer

To become an Instagram influencer is to select a fun, modern career option. It’s ideal if you are an outgoing person with plenty of passion and personality. Make a start today, and see where your Instagram account can take you.

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