Astrology’s been around for quite some time now. Thousands of years, to be a bit more precise. And yet it seems as if it’s now more popular than ever, with the internet being crowded with all the Astro content.

There are so many posts and videos regarding the horoscope craze. Some of them are funny, some more serious. But suddenly everyone’s asking about your sign, your rising, calculating the compatibility between the two of you and all that jazz. And to people outside this entire thing, it makes absolutely no sense. Why are people so obsessed with horoscopes? That’s exactly what you’re going to find out in this article.

Understanding Yourself

A lot of people feel very lost in life. It’s so easy to lose yourself in work, or maybe even in a codependent relationship, where you just base your entire identity around that one thing that you have going on. Sadly, it can happen to anyone. And finding yourself later can be hard.

So a lot of people actually use astrology as a tool to just understand themselves, be more self-aware, and figure out who they are. If you’d like to learn more about how to better understand yourself based on your Zodiac sign, then c check out My Zodiac Lover else, keep reading to find out in this article.  Looking at yourself through the prism of your sun and rising signs, you can see which of those personality traits really fit you, and in turn, can help you define your identity more clearly. It can be very helpful when you’re reluctant to embrace some of your less positive traits. You might be an overthinking Virgo or an indecisive Libra. And that’s okay!

Being A Part Of The Group

Just like Hogwarts Houses, MBTI tests, and even BuzzFeed quizzes, people love being categorized into groups by their personalities. People love the feeling of belonging somewhere. Horoscopes give you exactly that, a sense of belonging in a group that’s directly tied to your identity. A lot of people have pride in their zodiac signs, or as they’re commonly called sun signs, even though astrology is a lot broader than that. Still, as zodiac signs are split into different categories, for example by the element, it’s easy to find your squad. Since air signs and fire signs work well together, and earth signs and water signs pair well together it can be a starting point for a very fun friendship. Of course, that doesn’t mean an air sign can’t be friends with a water sign, as you should look at your whole chart!

Understanding Your Partner

When you understand yourself, you can more easily understand people around you, their needs and desires But even then, people can be very enigmatic. If you’re just starting a romantic relationship, you might not fully understand the way in which your partner loves or gives you attention. Perhaps, you’re more outgoing and ready to display your feelings at any point, and they’re someone who shows love quietly through acts of service. That’s why people use zodiac guides, just so they could understand more clearly what their partners really want and need. There are entire systems in astrology that are used to calculate compatibility between people! It’s a great tool when you want to understand your differences and similarities, and it can surely help you strengthen your relationships.

Understanding Your Friends

Of course, horoscopes aren’t just used in romantic relationships! When you look at your friends, and new potential friendships, and see their signs you can see where you clash and where you match. Maybe your friend is an impulsive fire sign who’s always ready for action, while you’re an earth sign who thinks things through more. It’s just who you are. And when you recognize that, it’s easier to forgive people and move past your differences. Now as you understand them better, your relationships also become stronger and healthier. And that’s what matters the most.

Planning Your Life

Would you plan a camping trip if you were told it was going to rain that weekend? Most probably not. And that’s one of the ways people use horoscopes – to plan their life. Just like a weather report, astrology enthusiasts see the sky as a forecast.

You might have heard of Mercury retrograde. When a planet, especially Mercury goes retrograde, communication between people isn’t at its best, electronics break down, and plans often go wrong… Astrology enthusiasts often use these periods to self-reflect, and just wind down and recharge, giving themselves the self-care that they really might need. It’s also a great time to rest since we’re all prone to living a hectic chaotic life these days. Some people even plan their weddings according to the “Astro forecast”! You can go deeply into that, as astrology is very broad. And well, if you know the “Astro forecast” you can surely use it to your advantage!

It’s Fun

One of the most important things when it comes to horoscopes is that they’re fun. It’s fun to hate on certain signs, it’s fun to relate to your sign. It can be a great way to bond with your friends, making it into your inside joke with your friend group. Maybe you have a friend who just ends up dating a Gemini all the time? Or a friend who somehow just can’t keep Tauruses away?

In any case, it’s the perfect ground for an inside joke that can just help you bond. You don’t need to take astrology all that seriously. You can turn horoscopes into a party game, or a fun party conversation. “What’s your sign?” is a great conversation starter! And even if you do want to take it seriously, it’s okay. Astrology is definitely a great, fun self-help tool, but it doesn’t need to be. You’re allowed to just enjoy horoscopes the way they are, and not take them seriously.

Astrology is definitely a great tool that can be used in many spheres of life. And it’s been around for thousands of years for a reason, for sure. There are many reasons people might delve into astrology and horoscopes: be it because they want to understand their own selves better, or because they want to understand others, or it could be something else entirely. But all these people can definitely agree on one thing: there’s definitely something written in the stars.