Ever wonder what your birth gemstone says about you? Just as there’s a language of flowers, there’s also one for the gemstones. Each stone represents different character traits. Are you a September baby with a collection of beautiful sapphire jewelry? Find out what your birthstone says about you! 

January: Garnet

Garnet is radiant, and while the most common shade is a deep red, it also comes in various shades of green, orange, pink, and purple. If this is your birthstone, chances are you’re a feisty go-getter who loves a good challenge!

February: Amethyst

Are you a February baby? If so, the beautiful purple amethyst is your birthstone. Show off your birthstone with a sparkly ring or maybe some earrings—this gemstone is fit for royalty! This birthstone represents security and happiness.

March: Aquamarine

Some people believe that aquamarine keeps its wearer safe, and healers and voyagers wore it during ancient times. What does your birthstone say about you if it’s aquamarine? You’re probably a great mediator, and you view arguments from all angles. 

April: Diamond

Diamonds remain a precious stone for many people, and sellers base their value on the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat. As we know, diamonds form under pressure, and if this is your birthstone, it means you’re determined and dependable.

May: Emerald

Centuries ago, it was said that emerald cured diseases. If this is your birthstone, get some cute pieces and show it off, because it’s said that people with this birthstone are compassionate advice-givers. Chances are, you’re also a hopeless romantic searching out your one true soulmate!

June: Pearl

Pearls are beautiful wonders of nature, and unlike gemstones, they’re found in the sea. However, pearls are more than symbols of beauty. Individuals with this birthstone are usually observant and loyal. Pearls also symbolizes love and joy, so wear your best pearls for your next date.

July: Ruby

Yet another gemstone so gorgeous, it’s fit for royalty. Many July babies are natural performers with dazzling energy and a love for the limelight!

August: Peridot

It’s believed that peridot brings good luck to anyone who wears it. If this is your birthstone, you’re probably positive, willing to take risks, and welcoming to all.

September: Sapphire

Most people believe that September babies are calm and wise, as these traits are what sapphire represents! Start showing off your sapphire birthstone with some jewelry, because you’re also a loyal, natural leader.

October: Pink Tourmaline

The beautiful pink tourmaline represents October babies. Usually, people with this birthstone spread positivity and are protective of those they love.

November: Topaz

Are you a November baby looking for luck in your finances? Start wearing topaz rings and bracelets! Some people believe this stone brings financial wealth. In terms of personality, you likely love making friends.

December: Blue Topaz

What does blue topaz say about your personality? This stone isn’t just beautiful; it also represents affection and confidence. Ask for a beautiful piece of blue topaz jewelry so that you can show off your birthstone.