Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, and millions of students around the world are using it daily. Some students have taken up influencer careers alongside their academic education and have already made a name for themselves online. 

If you are a student, odds are that you’d like to follow pages made by student influencers who can teach you something interesting on Instagram. Furthermore, if you aren’t sure you have enough free time to pay attention to social media and to Instagram influencers particularly, you can simply use websites that do your homework for you. So let’s take a closer look at the most popular student Instagram influencers and what you can learn from following their pages.

Sam James

Sam James is a student who is passionate about fitness and being a model. She discovered her interest in building muscle and slowly started to share her gym experiences on Instagram. Sam likes to encourage others to take up fitness, exercise, and a healthy diet. Her Instagram page is close to 400k subscribers and shows no signs of stopping. 

Sam is an influencer for some nutrition and fitness companies, where she also earns an income. This is a great way for students to make a living while working on their writing assignments, papers, and exams. Using an essay writing helper to write, proofread, and edit college papers before handing them in is also a neat idea to explore. By following Sam’s example, you can also build a presence in a niche that inspires you on Instagram personally.

Adam Goodcoff

Adam started his Instagram influencer career as a medical student who wanted to share tips and guidelines on how to use medical equipment properly. While Adam is now a graduated physician, he didn’t stop creating content for Instagram and expanded his reach to YouTube and TikTok. His Instagram page The Med Life has over 140k followers and Adam does his best to share content regularly. 

The posts revolve around helpful medical advice, proper medical equipment procedures, and experiences he had from working with patients. On occasion, he also shares posts from causes and NGOs he is in support of, which are mostly related to different medical fields and charities. Adam is a passionate doctor and a charismatic influencer who used his spare time as a student to build something fun for himself on Instagram.

Charlie Barker

Charlie is an artist with an attitude, and she started her Instagram journey in 2014. She is a Londoner who loves modeling, makeup, painting, and dressing to look good. Her Instagram page is 400k followers strong, and she is a very popular stylist with the UK crowd. She was only 19 when her Instagram career took off, and Charlie did her best to use the momentum in her favor. 

Her page illustrates, no pun intended, that you can become influential on social media while managing your college studies and writing assignments. You can use the best essay writing service on the web to get help with your papers and writing projects while working on something else. Whether that’s an Instagram page of your own or a hobby that inspires you, use Charlie as a positive example of what you can achieve.

Freddie Pearson

Freddie is a 21-year-old UK model and actor who has gained quite a following on Instagram over the years. He studied business at the University of   but quickly realized that he can use his bodybuilding and modeling passions to gain an online following. 

Over time, Freddie has made a career for himself on Instagram and his website, where he is open to acting and modeling gigs. He uses his social media to make it know when he is available for work and agencies can reach him with job opportunities. Freddie is an advocate for gender equality and fitness, and he used his business education to boost his Instagram page’s success. He is a nice example of how you can use your education to further your goals.

Making it as a Student on Instagram

None of the students we’ve talked about planned to go big on Instagram – it just happened overnight. You can start your influencer journey on Instagram while still in college and see if you can turn a hobby into a career. Create a page about something you are passionate about and share creative, funny, and engaging content with others. The algorithm will pick up on your efforts, and it will be a matter of time before you bear fruit on Instagram.