By Millicent Lambert –

Sometimes in the modelling industry work just becomes stagnant, for no apparent reason.  You shouldn’t take a decline in bookings personally, sometimes this is due to reasons that you can change and sometimes its just a change in the trends or season.

Here are 5 possible reasons as to why you MAY find yourself not booking any work and 5 potential solutions on how to fix them.


1. Your look is not on-trend

Trends come and go in this industry. We have seen all kinds of things come through: being super skinny, the gap in the teeth, bushy brows, bleached brows, freckles, alien looking models, and lately, the uber-fit toned and tanned bodies.


Dont change yourself to fit the current trend. Trends come and go and likely you will reinvent yourself only to be quickly out dated. Instead focus on having a strong individual image and a good reputation. This will likely last a lot longer and be more effective at getting you work.  Be patient sometimes it’s simply a matter of waiting, you might be a brunette and everyone is shooting blondes for summer. It probably won’t be long until they want brunettes for winter shoots and then it could start to be busier for you!


2. Your agency is not pushing you to clients

You would be surprised how often this happens. After a few years you might fade to the back of your bookers mind and be replaced by newer, up and coming models – the next ‘big thing’. If this happens it could mean your agent is not focusing enough time and effort on you. So you might not be the priority to be pushed to clients. Fear not! This can be easily remedied.


Talk to your agent. Explain that you feel as if not enough energy is spent on promoting you to clients. Ask them why they think you are not booking much work. Likely they will let you know if there is something you need to work on and in turn you will let them know that they need to start promoting you to clients more.

In extreme cases you may need to change to a new agency. I do not recommend to change agencies unless you have already asked your agency about why you are not booking work. Changing agencies will not always work and in some cases it could damage your career further. ALWAYS consult with your mother agency before deciding to change!


3. You are not in good enough shape

The current market reflects a demand for strong, healthy, toned bodies (in some markets). If you are not working this might mean that perhaps you are not fitting in with the preferred body type. You may need to put on weight, lose some weight or tone up!


This is quite easy to fix (in terms of your control over it) with just a simple diet adjustment and an increase in your daily fitness. Join a gym or look into some personal training. Jogging or pilates are both fantastic ways to see an improvement quickly.


4. Your book is not strong enough

The images in your portfolio may not be strong enough, or show enough versatility in your look. This is a pretty common issue with a relatively easy fix.


You may simply need to reevaluate the images chosen for your portfolio and select some different images that you have and do a bit of a reshuffle.
It’s important to have a good ‘Flow’ in your book.

If you do not have enough strong images you might need to do some test shoots or editorials. It is best to ask your agency to organise some for you. You will want to work with great creatives to achieve the right types of images you are looking for.


5. You are in need of a new ‘image’

Your style or the first impression that you give to a client may not be right, for the part of the market that you are suited to.


Ask your agency they can give you an idea of how best to dress and style yourself. Some models go to drastic lengths to reinvent themselves. I know of models changing agencies, their name and their look completely and then marketing themselves as a completely new model. You probably won’t need to go that far, a simple change of style or a haircut can really help to reinvent your look.model not booking jobs