By Jenni Sellan
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HEAD STRAIGHT, shoulders back, don’t wiggle your arms, take long steps, go with the beat (if you can).
The condensed version of Kaia Gerber’s top runway tips straight to you from vogue.

As Fashion Week kicks off in New York and around the globe; fashion models have been preparing for one of the biggest months in the fashion calendar year

Because we know you don’t all have Cindy Crawford as your Mum offering up her best runway advice, we thought we’d step in and bring it to you – just think of us as your very own fashion family.

We’ve had a chat with four of our Aussie model friends, who have clocked up countless miles on the runway, so, keep reading for their best advice and favourite runway hacks and steal the secrets to finding your inner supermodel before and during the show.

Your runway prowess ‘awaits’.

Before the show – the beauty regime

– A Mani and Pedi are essential the night before the show; Hair, skin and nails all need to look clean and healthy!

– Exfoliate head to toe (and include the removal of all unwanted hair) and if the brief calls for it, prepare your skin with a natural healthy glow by applying a layer of self-tan (and if you haven’t aced the seamless tan yet, pay a professional! #no patchy skin please

– Create time for some exercise the night before a show so you are feeling fit and healthy and another routine tip is to eat a protein and veggie rich dinner, keeping carbs and salt to a minimum so you don’t have any unexpected bloating on the day of the show.

Be Prepared

– Pack your bag! Maintaining an organised and ever ready ‘shoe’ bag just makes sense; Even if the job says you only need to bring nude underwear, include a change scarf, various types of bras and underwear; (stick on, seamless, strapless) and if you really want to be prepared include in your bag a pair of black and /or nude heels. Better to be the girl that comes prepared and saves the day rather than hoping everyone else has it covered. #Professional

– Keep a handy supply of essentials close; a bottle of water, snacks that won’t mess up your lipstick, (bananas, cut up apples or carrots and something sugary… like a tim tam!) AND floss… just in case you get food stuck in your teeth! #never a good look

– If you’re a coffee fiend, make one before you go and put it in a thermos or keep cup – never rely on clients to feed and caffeinate you! Even if they supply food, your hunger might kick in before your lunch break – better to feed yourself than be a ‘hangry’ model!

– Remember to wear something easy to get out of. If your hair stylist has just given you a beautiful style and you’re wearing a tight sweater, you can bet you’re going to be in the bad books. Wear something that zips or buttons and be sure not to wear anything too tight – seam marks from tight jeans are not a good look!

Attitude – Game on!

– You’re not always going to have hair and makeup that you think is amazing and you won’t always love the clothes, but remember you’ve been hired to do a job just like everyone else. Be positive and find the good in your situation. A positive attitude is always going to make the job more fun

– Bring high energy and confidence to the runway! Best. Foot. Forward. Every time.

– Listen to the people in charge. They are there to make sure everything runs smoothly, don’t get caught up chatting and miss your cue. Keep your focus.

– Above all, have fun! Modelling is an amazing opportunity to work with creative people in an interesting environment and it can be a short-lived career. Take time to appreciate every job – even the horrendous ones will teach you something (or at least give you a good story).

All The Right Moves

Be Confident! No matter how uncomfortable the shoes are, or how long the dress is making it difficult to walk, always look and walk with confidence and never let the audience see the discomfort or worry in your face. #Game Face On!

– Try on your outfits before the show and work with your dresser so you both know how everything needs to work.

– Look up and move your body effortlessly. Put a bit of bounce into your step, relax and smile… with your eyes.

– Keep your shoulders back; walk from your hips, and to keep your fingers neutral imagine that water is dripping off them. Swing your arms behind your legs – sounds crazy but watch a show and you’ll see.

– Always try to get into the rhythm of the show and find the beat.

– When it comes to your facial expressions try to emulate the mood of the clothing and music and enjoy the performance and remember to focus your gaze just above the audience.

– In an attempt to avoid runway road kill, make sure that your shoes, clothing and accessories are all firmly attached to your body in the way they are supposed to be before stepping on the runway. If you do fall, stand up, stand tall and keep going!

– Maintain laser focus. And while runway is a show, don’t forget about the photos. Keep your game face on until you are out of sight.

– Read the vibe of the show. Some clients want sweetness and light, while others want femme fatale killers on their catwalk – whatever the energy, commit to it!

CONFIDENCE REIGNS SUPREME. Nothing breaks the spell of a mesmerising runway like a model that feels awkward.