Many people are under the impression that supermodels workout morning, noon and night; this is simply not the case. In between fittings and runway shows, most supermodels and models for that matter, have a very structured day and they do need to make the most of their daily exercise routine; while planning ahead for healthy meals on-the-go. Below are a couple of basic exercises that will surprise most and can make anyone runway ready if they incorporate these moves in their daily exercise routine. Please keep in mind these moves are in addition to 30 to 40 minutes of cardio, three to four days every week.

The Archer’s Plank.

The Archer’s plank kicks up the regular plank into high gear. A regular plank consists of first getting your whole body into a press-up position. While bending your elbows and resting your weight onto your forearms, your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles. The Archer’s plank steps this up a notch. as you will be in regular plank format on one side and doing 10-15 reps on each side, raising up your elbow toward the ceiling and twisting down towards the floor (think of pulling an arch arrow). This exercise when done regularly slims the sides.

The Single-Arm Superman.

If you are interested in working out your abs, back, chest, and shoulders; this challenge is for you. While there are multiple “Superman” exercises out there, the Single-Arm Superman is a little more challenging that some of the beginner exercises. Start out in a push up position with your arms straight to the floor. With feet more than shoulder-width apart, raise one arm at shoulder height, lower and repeat switching to the opposite side; completing at least 10-15 reps for each side.

The Hip and Thigh Blaster.

This exercise is sure to not only result in some sore muscles, but put anyone’s balancing skills to the test. The hip and thigh blaster starts out with the first position standing with feet hip-width apart and fists up by shoulders. This is followed by bending the right knee and extending the right leg out to the side at a 90 degree angle. Instead of lowering the leg to the floor, next the right leg should lower and lift up in front of your body. The exercise should be done 10-15 reps each side without lower the leg to the floor on each side.

The Bodacious Butt Lifter.

Most people should incorporate this exercise into their daily routine regardless, especially before any swim suit season. Please note that this exercise also requires balance, so start slow if you are not steady on your feet. Start out with your feet at shoulder level apart, fists by the shoulders for balance, knees slightly bended and shift your weight to the left foot, and place the right foot behind. Slowly raise the right leg for 10-15 reps, returning to the original position. After the first set, switch legs and repeat the reps on the other side.