By Caylnn M. Lawrence

The Designer Collaboration, H&M x Balmain was released in school earlier this month and caused quite a frenzy all across H&M’s worldwide! According to Harper’s Bazaar, people were lined up outside of the stores as early as 2 PM the previous day in order to assure their chances of purchasing even just one item from the stunner collection. You might think to yourself, “What makes this collection so special? What’s all the fuss?” Well, this article is here to tell you 5 major reasons why H&M x Balmain is their most popular designer collab yet!


The infamous Kardashian – Jenner clan always has their hands in another business deal, part of the reason they are so successful in their endeavors. Unsurprisingly, they have been recruited on board to endorse the H&M x Balmain collection. Budding supermodel in the making, Kendall Jenner, is the main component of this operation. She gracefully models the clothing in a dignified and professional manner both on the runway, in print and in person. This is done alongside her sisters who casually sport items from the collection when on the go and for red carpet appearances! After all, who doesn’t love the Kardashians, right? Who wouldn’t feel compelled to go out and purchase items from a collection worn by a multimillion dollar family!?


When perusing the H&M website, it is very easy to notice that the prices for the Balmain collection are drastically lower than a typical Balmain garment. This is because H&M works to create quality stylish pieces without the high end price tag. For example, if you look at the cost of the green sequin embroidered dress you will notice that it is only $199. If you compare this to the average cost of a typical Balmain dress, it is less than a fifth of the price! At such a great discount, there is no wonder why millions of people are going bonkers over this collection!


Edginess is now the trend for those of us who like to stay on top of the fashion wave. Therefore, anything that denotes a slight sense of strength, boldness and individuality is certainly all the rage. Looking at the collection, you can notice that there are prominent elements of European regality juxtaposed with chic grunge couture! This combination is not something conceivably easy to pull of yet it was executed perfectly in regards to this collection.


The H&M x Balmain collection features items of every category from shirts to dresses to trousers to accessories! This is not something that only features a few similar pieces and stops short at that. The collection has a wide variety of items suitable for all styles. Yet, despite having a collection so diverse in components, each piece shares the same like minded essence that unifies them greatly.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should go check out the H&M x Balmain collection. If you would like to see which items might fit you best, you can visit the Balmain Sight

H&M Balmain Collection
H&M Balmain Collection