While most models run from show to show (especially during fashion week) and most who are not supermodel status have multiple fittings, casting calls and are running around with iPhones in hand; most have some common practices when not on the runway or at a photo shoot.

Models Are Still In Style.
The key behind being a successful model is a very simple concept – marketing. Even when models or supermodels are not scheduled, their appearance and reputation is everything whether they have been in a national publication or in a local fashion show. This means not leaving the house in your sweats or without combing your hair. There are simple fashion tips most can take advantage of, as most models always look fashionable even if they are not on the runway or at a photoshoot. The top in pieces include leather jackets – basic black is always cool. Other pieces include, tuxedo blazers, ankle boots with a mini-skirt and the ever popular skinny jeans.A Models Day Off

Model Off-Duty Hair.
There are several ways to get model off-duty hair, but the following are insider industry secrets and not common day-to-day knowledge. These secrets are for getting perfectly imperfect fabulous model looking hair. First, a less than a perfect blowout is key – slightly messy is very sexy; which also translates into romantic and beautiful. Try an air dry. Most models want to avoid curling irons and hair dryers on their day off, so they opt for an air dry while using a subtle styling cream like Shu Uemura’s Satin Design. Last, if you want model off-duty hair, you want to invest in great shampoos and conditioners. Most women have to deal with hair abuse on a minor level, if they color their hair the bar raises a notch and when it comes to models they have to deal with their hair being abused on a daily basis.model hair

Models On Vacation.
Most should consider models as a viable vacation travel agent, as these ladies and gentleman bounce around nonstop, so one can definitely pick up on very savvy travel tips.  The bottom line is models are expert travelers. Many models start off with honey and water for breakfast; but the most important tip that they share is lots of water and lots of sleep. Taking care of your skin is also an number one priority and this isn’t just sunscreen, but a healthy morning and evening skin regime. In fact, most models avoid the sun period during the summer months. models on vacation

Models Day off Around The Town.
Most models would say sleep here is priority number one, and not hitting the bar scene the second they are off duty. What most do not realized is that models and supermodels (while have to avoid the media more) are regular people too. While they still stick to a structured exercise routine and a healthy diet, their off-duty activities include what most people do. This includes visiting family if they are local, heading out to parks, movies, hitting up a spa for a relaxing massage among anything else most would consider a relaxing day-off activity.

model around town2
models around town