By Simi A Mira

We all want to be as adored and admired as the models we see in the glossy mags. How come they look so good when they’re just nipping out for a couple of groceries or (seemingly) a few days after giving birth? A lot of this is the pure confidence boost they’ve got from knowing they’ve hit the sweet spot with their personal style. They know what suits them and how to wear it. Think you’re unable to match up to their style standards? Time to think again, girls!

Look At Me!

Your clothes are a reflection of you who are. Don’t feel that you have to follow a fashion just because everyone else is – if you don’t like it, just walk away! Trust your instincts, and wear what describes your personality best. Like the floral femininity of the likes of Gigi Hadid? Then stay away from the harsh structured look a la Victoria Beckham and her posse.

Pick out your style inspirations and look at what the similarities are between them all. You’ll probably find that it’s a mix of personality and style that draws you to these women. For me, it’s strong, independent women such as Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson and (okay, so going back a few years now) Audrey Hepburn. The fact that their styles are gorgeous too is just an added bonus!

You don’t have to be six foot with a tiny waist to look epic too. Take some inspiration from another of our posts to see how size doesn’t always matter!

It’s All About Being Unique

Okay, so do you really think Coco Chanel would have released that LBD if she was happy to follow the crowd? No way. And if Vivienne Westwood hadn’t channelled the punk vibe of the 1970s, would we all be missing just a little bit of anarchy in our lives? Yes way! My point is, finding your own personal style is all about being unique.

Yes, by all means wear the different labels that are hot right now, but wear them in your own way. Accessorise the hell out of them if that’s what you want. Mix colours and patterns if you feel comfortable doing so. Just don’t feel that you need to be a carbon copy of anyone else. Look for inspiration, find it, then build on it!

What Makes Me, Me?

It’s tough to put into words exactly who we are or who we want to be, but I’m not asking you to write a goddamn essay here! Take five minutes to write down what you want others to see when they look at you – cool, sassy, geek chic, whatever! – and write who or what inspires you. It could be a model or actress, your favourite band or even memories from your childhood. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all Sigmund Freud on your ass!)

Take a good long look at what you’ve written and have a search online or in magazines to see what styles attract you the most and what sings out as a good match for your scribblings. For me, I’m sure I was a hippy in a past life, so bring on the boho chic of Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore! Look, it may not be quite your cup of tea, but that’s exactly my point – choose what’s right for you, not what’s right for everyone else!

Once you’ve got your own style down, make sure you get some epic shots of your best outfits. Click here for more tips! Oh, and remember, a comfortable girl will look a hundred times more stylish every time.