By Michele Smith
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Not to compare a runaway appearance with the Golden Globe awards, but there is a significant group of hired participants that assists any model in being runway ready and yes, there is an entourage. Most models wake up, shower and show up to the event. Behind the scenes isn’t a scenario for the modestly insecure either, as most models pre-show are scantily clad in robes. Here is what actually happens on site.

Many reporters will actually count four, but that really depends on the theme of the runway show. Does the model need something special such as a cornrow look or extra extensions? Please keep in mind that there are the basic stylists on staff, but many models immediately meet with a professional who solely works on nails. And, this is way before hair and makeup. Please keep in mind that most models will be on their phones during most of the pre-preparation time with their agents. With this being said, once nails are done it is time for hair and makeup. We are not counting the model’s onsite publicist who is in attendance as well.

Hair stylists and makeup technicians are key to making models look their best before the fashion show. The hair styling team makes sure each model has hair that makes her look drop-dead gorgeous, but most importantly ensures each hairstyle is within the overall fashion designer vision of the show. Additionally, makeup artists provide stage makeup support for the models on the runway.

Let’s not forget about the most important behind the scenes people on the planet. The dressers. Yes, these designer assistants have about 15 seconds while the runway show is in progress to assist in wardrobe changes mid-show and are responsible for every wardrobe change.

While this may sound like quite the easy task, the job actually involves meeting with the designer beforehand and also being capable of being ready for any last changes right before the show. Simply put, the dresser is the air traffic controller behind the scenes at the fashion show. In many cases, the most popular models walk in back-to-back shows, and it is a literal race to get ready for the runway. When dealing with the chaotic backstage environment, the dresser can be the calming influence for models before the start of the show. The dresser normally reports to the lead stylist and they work in teams. One dresser may be pulling off designer shoes while another may be dressing the model with jackets.

Last but not least, there are the runners. Runners perform all kinds of duties backstage at a fashion show. Many fashion show event planners assign a few runners for each of the individual teams, such as hair, makeup, clothes, media, and volunteer management.

What they do is pretty basic … they provide them with cell phones, beepers or walkie-talkies so that they can communicate with each other. The runners can also perform all kinds of last-minute and unexpected on-site and off-site errands. This is also key when there is a last minute emergency. Let’s face it, many times there are things that go way out of hand behind the scenes in any event and the show needs to look seamless for the attendees.Model runway show