Woan Ni is a 21 year old model from Sydney, Australia. She is super stylish, sweet, stunning and smart – what a combination!

She is currently studying hard at university, modeling and is, “keen to start travelling!”


By Justice Jones


Let’s start with the basics! How did you first get into modeling?

My boyfriend’s mom suggested it one night and it has been amazing so far. I really should get her a present. Haha.

She pretty much ‘scouted’ you, you most definitely should! Haha.
What is it that you love about the world of fashion?

From cinematic costume design to couture, it’s escapism and fantasy.

Such a poetic answer, I love it! It shows that you really are passionate about what you do. Who are your favorite designers?

Yohji Yamamoto and Vivienne Westwood!

Stunning choices! Yamamoto is so iconic, he is the epitome of contemporary runway. I also can’t go past his passion for black – so timeless.
Anyway back on track, what has been your biggest achievement thus far?

I feel like I’m still learning and progressing in this industry and can’t really qualify any one job as my biggest achievement. Collectively though, meeting and collaborating with other creatives have been the best part of this experience.

That’s such a good answer. The best thing you can do is bounce off likeminded people. Creativity is contagious, the people you are working with will in one way or another reflect in your own experience.

You mentioned to me that you are in university, what do you study?

I study Fashion and Textile Design at University Technology of Sydney.

You go to UTS! Awesome, what made you want to study Fashion design?

I love creating and Textiles in high school made me happy. So, I just went with what makes me happy. I tend to do that a lot. Life choices. Hahaha.

That’s the best kind of decision making! 

So, if you weren’t a model, what could you see yourself doing?

Not exactly sure on that one, but I would still be somewhere within the fashion industry.

You belong in the fashion industry!

I want to ask you some quirky questions now…

First one, George Clooney or Brad Pitt?

Neither. I’m into Chinese and Japanese men. 😉

You have to admit, they are both pretty smokin’ though. 

What are 5 facts about you that most people wouldn’t know/expect?

I’m a bit afraid of cats.

Yet, for some reason I collect Hello Kitty.

I had five dogs growing up.

I play League of Legends.

I’m funny.

I read a ridiculous article not long ago, claiming that Hello Kitty wasn’t actually a cat…  don’t worry, I don’t believe it.  That is definitely crazy talk! 

Ok, milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

Milk chocolate with strawberries, almonds & churros!

You just created a whole dessert for us. I like the way you think! Haha.

What are 3 songs in your ‘favourites’ playlist right now?

Blue bird – Sara Bareilles

No Church in the Wild – Jay Z & Kanye West

Prisoner of Love– Utada Hikaru

Sara Bareilles’ voice is gorgeous. So much variety in that list. 

What is the first word that comes to mind when I say:

Cactus ?

David Goh (we were just talking about cacti)

Glitter ?


History ?



Fawlty Towers



They are the best answers yet!

This will be interesting, if you could be best friends with one model, who would it be & why?

Well, Sharnee Gates is a model and she is one of my best friends. She’s just genuine and gets my kind of crazy. I love her!

I’ve come across Sharnee Gates before, I think it was on Instagram – she is gorgeous. 

Ok, if you could walk in any show next Fashion Week, what would it be?

Vivienne Westwood or Yohji Yamamoto (or bothhhhhh…)

Of course! 

What are 5 things in your handbag?

I carry around a little black backpack and it has some money, BLOW BY BLOW by Detmar Blow with Tom Skyes, a bottle of perfume, my iPhone and a pair of sunnies.

I carry around a bottle of perfume too. I feel as though people think I’m strange pulling it out and spraying in public, but I think carrying some sort of fragrance and always smelling good should be compulsory … 

Lastly, do you have any advice for aspiring models?

Have modelling as an aspect of your life. I don’t think it’s ever healthy to be defined by one thing. Explore, be more.


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