By Naima Karp

Sustainable, affordable options.


This has been my every-week take-out or dine in comfort food since I was a teenager. It’s completely affordable, the staff is always welcoming, and the food never misses. Most meals, unless they involve an unusually expensive fish or meat, clock in under twenty bucks. Some amazing rotating specials include a roasted salmon burger on a Portuguese bun (a sweeter, softer English muffin) with arugula and aioli. The unassuming star of this menu is their market sides, a changing mix- and-mash option where you can choose a plate of four very fresh farmer’s market sides to make an entree, or just get a couple as an appetizer. highlights include cauliflower dijonase, sweet potato friends, and broccoli rabe with cherry tomatoes and parmesan. Locations all over the city.

173 Ave A
New York, NY 10009

333 Hudson St
New York, NY 10013

210 W 10th St
New York, NY 10014

246 W 18th St
New York, NY 10011
Phone number(212) 924-2223


The Butcher’s Daughter
Equally relaxed place for a dinner date, or a day-long work date with yourself. veering away from the crazy busy streets of SoHo, this spot on Kenmare has yummy farmers market fare, and are known for their juices, and fruit popsicles (which can be made boozy, if you’re feeling adventurous) For brunch – their poached egg options are mouth watering, and for dinner, try their complex black bean burger, with cashew cheddar and harass mayo. in a cute apothecary twist, they offer insight into their meal options, letting you know what to drink for a weakened immune system, skin you want to glow, and digestive aids.

19 Kenmare St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 219-3434


Sustainable NYC
I love this place because of its diversity: a bookshop, with cool coasters and trinkets for my apartment, where I can also get a delicious fair trade latte and breakfast? sold. their vegan cinnamon buns and coffee are the best way to start your day before a stroll in Tompkins square park. their vegan ice cream selection is unusual and has more than the boring chocolate and vanilla,, with all organic sandwich or salad lunch options. With treats like Brazilian Mango-grapefruit perfume, and even cute toms, it’s an all-purpose Avenue A stop. A great place to convert all non-vegans.

139 Ave A
New York, NY 10009
(212) 254-5400


Essentially a build-your-own-breakfast-sandwich spot. Light and refreshing avocado toast is another highlight, sprinkled with chili peppers, but as a breakfast sandwich aficionado, I truly appreciate their customizable egg sandwich . Try asiago cheese, avocado, and tomato, on a crunchy ciabatta or a popover, for the dreamiest way to start your day.

144 Sullivan St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 253-2601


Back Forty
This is a meat-lover’s dream come true, with a mainly meat-dominant menu. The chicken and waffles is a renowned brunch option. This Southern fare, while staying local in their ingredients, speaking to the impeccable quality of every dish, is less about the healthy aspect, and more about exactly that: the qua lit of the meat which falls of the bone, and their perfectly roasted farmers market potatoes. don’t miss out on the homemade donuts for dessert, or their rotating fish specials, which are always out of this world. Cocktails are always on point, and they always have fun neighbourhood events like crab and lobster boils to check out.

190 Ave B
New York, NY 10009


ABC Kitchen
Ok- this is really if you feel like splurging, but it’s well-worth the reservation you’ll probably need to make a few weeks before coming for dinner. The globally conscious food is brought by the award-winning chef Jean-George Vongerichten. The interior, shared with the ABC design building, is decorated impeccably, from the delicate menus, to the ethereal branch and floral decor. The appetizers are the best way to get your money’s worth and sample the tastiest and most unusual dishes. the pretzel dusted calamari and crab toast with lemon aioli both explode with flavor. Their pizzas and pastas are great to pair with a wine, and hearty portions are doled out enough to forge a decent next-day meal, making it worth the dent in your wallet.

35 E 18th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 475-5829


Fat Radish
While in Chinatown, this is definitely a detour from eight dollar MSG-filled buffets of Lo Mein. These guys pack the heat with an impressive list of local farms in new york and new jersey that provide their fruit and produce. while they’re known for their attractive patron and trendy factor, with it’s brick wall decor. the lighter snacks are what pack the most punch here- their sweet heirloom carrot salad with kale, avocado, and hijiki, as well as the celery root potpie. Their truffled duck fat fries are also a hit, if you’re feeling a little more indulgent, which, let’s be honest…when are we not?

17 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 300-4053